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UCC2013 Logo

The Uzebox Code Challenge 2013 (UCC2013) is an international game coding competition held from February to June 2013. The goal was to produce a game for the Uzebox console.


  • The contest will launch February 1st 2013 and close June 1st 2013 at midnight GMT-5.
  • Participant *must* register to participate.
  • The registration date limit is April 1st. To register, send the administrator a personal message on the forums with a rough idea of the game you are planning to present (if possible). It will remain secret but if someone had registered the same idea before you will be advised.
  • Participants will be listed at the end of this post
  • More than 1 entry can be submitted per participant but only one can win a prize
  • You can share the progress of your game at any time during the compo as long as you registered it
  • Existing WIP games never completed can enter the contest...perfect occasion to finish em up  ;)
  • More than one person can work on an entry but only one prize will be attributed to the entry
  • Source code will need to be submitted along the binary and we must be able to compile it
  • Projects must be made to run on the hardware and emulator. An exception to not support the emulator is if your game uses the SD card interface to load content.
  • Projects must be games or other useful and interactive programs (like Uzeamp, a tracker, etc). No demos will be accepted (demos in the traditional sense, i.e: Second Reality by Future Crew).
  • Projects must not be a simple update of an existing Uzebox game.
  • Projects must be at most 61440 bytes long to be compatible with the Gameloader.
  • Any video mode can be used
  • Any kernel version can be used
  • Custom kernels and video mode can be developed and used as long as it runs correctly on the real hardware and the emulator.
  • Jury will be made of a panel select by Uze
  • Money prizes will be payed out exclusively via Paypal


Judging will be made by summing the rating from 1(lowest) to 10(highest) several criterions:

  • Game Play: How the game plays and reacts, AI level, game dynamics, etc
  • Originality: Bonus point for an original game concept (i.e. not a port of an existing game)
  • Graphics: Quality and richness of the in game graphics
  • Sound & music: Quality and quantity of sound effects and in-game music. Bonus points for original effects and music.
  • Completeness: Bonus point for things like many game levels, main menu, high score panel, attract mode, etc.
  • Technical prowess: custom video modes, complex effects, etc will be awarded bonus points


Prizes will be allocated as following (first proposal, to discuss). Note that the prizes may be subject to change for the better if we find sponsors.

  • 1st: A E/Uzebox ultra deluxe kit: Kit(PCB+all parts)+2 controllers+AVRISP MKII programmer+SD CARD preloaded+power supply+all cables + 200$
  • 2nd: A E/Uzebox standard kit + 100$
  • 3rd: A E/Uzebox base kit + 50$
  • 4,5,6th places: 1 Uzebox t-shirt


Roukan, Kilo, D3thAdd3r, Nekotika, Flecko, Gerkl, Kerby, CunningFellow, Kninja_pi, HylianSavior, LOLSWANS, KaineraS, geekygeek2, mshriver2, yllawwally, claytonghobbs, Arlof, Rylen, Ellipsis, PitfallJones, Dsrush, Shiny, John, Greg


  • 1st: PitfallJones - Space Age
  • 2nd: D3thAdd3r - Columns
  • 3rd: CunningFellow - VectorGame
  • 4th: Kilo - Dasboot
  • 5th: Kerby - 15 Puzzles
  • 6th: Gerkl - Uze Mario
  • 7th: Arlof - Fireman Rescue
  • 8th: Flecko - Escape from the Dungeon 2

See the UCC2013 forum topic for links to roms & sources.