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Code licenseGNU General Public License version 3
or (at your option) any later version.
Media licenseCreative Commons Attribution Share-Alike version 3.0
EngineUzebox 3.3
Video Mode90
Latest release1.0
Release date18/12/2016

Welcome to Roguze.

You are an adventurer. You've been asked by one of the gods, to travel deep into the earth, and get the sickle. You are represented by the symbol @. Explore the dungeon. When you see a monster, to attack it, simply walk into it. Find new weapons and upgrade your skills to make it to get to the bottom of the lair.

The game finished 5th at the UCC2016.


  • This game is meant to be played with a nes controller.
  • The A button opens the magic menu. Mage spells cost magic energy to cast. If you don't have enough magic energy, the spell can't be cast. Select the spell by moving the controller up and down, and press A to cast the spell. Move controller right, to display prayers. Prayers can only be cast by characters with piety. Moving up and down to select the spell you wish to use, and A to cast it. Prayers do not need energy to use. Each prayer has a different chance to work when cast. The number in front of the spell, is the relative difficulty to cast the spell. Each level of piety, increases the number, which makes the spell more likely to succeed.
  • The B button activates the cell you're character is standing upon. To go down the stairs to the next level, or looking at altars.
  • The Start button opens the backpack/upgrade menu.
  • The first page is EQUIPED, which lists all the items currently being used.
  • Pressing A, will unequip the selected item, and move it to the backpack.
  • Pressing Start will close the menu.
  • The second page is BACKPACK, lists all the items being carried, that aren't being used.
  • Pressing A, will equip the item, in it's appropraite location, and remove it from the backpack.
  • Pressing B, will remove the item from the backpack, and drop it on the ground.
  • Pressing Start will close the menu.
  • The third page UPGRADE lists the current level of each attribute.
  • Pressing A, will spend upgrade points, and increase the attribute by 1.
  • Pressing Start will close the menu.

Upgrade Stats

  • Strength increases damage from weapon attacks.
  • Dodge decreases the chance of getting hit from enemies.
  • Steal reduces the chance a monster will see you.
  • Piety will allow you to Prayers, higher levels increase the chance of them working.
  • Two Handed increases the ability to hit with weapons that require 2 hands.
  • Hand to Hand increases the damage when not using a weapon.
  • Healing decreases the time between hit points being restored.


  • Magic Missle allows to shoot magical energy at a monster.
  • Use D-pad to select monster, and press a to select location
  • Magic Mapping will display the current level
  • Show monsters, shows every monster on the level
  • Show Items, shows every item on the level
  • Teleport, will move your character to a new location of your choosing.
  • Use D-pad to select location to teleport to.
  • Summon will summon a new monster near you.
  • Move monster will teleport a monster to a new location
  • Polymorph will transform a monster into a random monster
  • Create wall, will create a wall in the choosen location.
  • Destory wall will remove stone from the chosen location.
  • Heal Wounds will return some hit points.
  • Light, will increase the distance you can see for a short period of time
  • Heroism will increase the ability to attack enemies.
  • Invisibility will reduce the ability of a monster to notice you.


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