Megatris in single player mode
GenreFalling Blocks Puzzle
DeveloperUze (Alec Bourque)
Code licenseGNU General Public License version 3
or (at your option) any later version.
Media licenseCreative Commons Attribution Share-Alike version 3.0
EngineKernel V1
Video Mode1
Latest release1.0
Release dateAugust 24th, 2008

Megatris is a Tetris clone. It was the featured Uzebox game when the console came out in August 2008. The gameplay mechanics closely resemble those of Tetris DS for the Nintendo DS.

In 2020, Mapes released Megatris Arcade, a version adapted for the Uzebox JAMMA arcade cabinets. It also added a custom menu to deal with arcade specific settings and display stats on the right panel.



  • Button A: Spin block clockwise
  • Button B: Spin block anti-clockwise
  • Up: Hard drop
  • Down: Soft drop
  • Right Shoulder: Hold
  • Right-Shift (Arcade only): Displays the arcade menu

JAMMA specific

To be able to play the game on CUzebox emulator, one must first press right-shift to bring the arcade menu, then set the required credits for player 1 to zero. Then go back to the game and the rest controls normally.

Tetris Strategy Wiki

Consult the Tetris Wiki for information & strategies on the various Tetris versions.


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