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This table lists all released games, work-in-progress (WIP) and demos. This table is also used to list their unique .UZE file that goes on SD cards. Please see the SD Data File Best Practices page for the rules about naming the UZE files.

Pic Game Genre Author Status Unique UZE file name
2048 thumb.gif 2048 Puzzle Hartmut Wendt(Harty123) Released 2048.UZE
65536.jpg 65536-in-1 Puzzle Flavio Zavan (nebososo) Released 65536IN1.UZE
Ae thumb.png Alter Ego Logic Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) Released ALTEREGO.UZE
Arkanoid thumb.png Arkanoid Paddle Sports Alec Bourque(uze6666) Released ARKANOID.UZE
Atomix thumb.png Atomix Logic/Puzzle Martin Šustek Released ATOMIX.UZE
Babtower thumb.gif Babylon Tower Puzzle Kerby Released BABTOWER.UZE
Bcdash thumb.gif B.C. Dash Platform Paul McPhee(Paul) Released BCDASH.UZE
Blockboy.png Block Boy Logic Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) Released BLOCKBOY.UZE
Bomber thumb.gif Bomber Logic Kerby Released BOMBER.UZE
Bldrdash thumb.png Boulderdash Logic AJX Released BLDRDASH.UZE
Buddha thumb.gif Buddha Zen PitfallJones Released BUDDHA.UZE
Bugz thumb.png Bugz Platform Matt Pandina(Artcfox) Released BUGZ.UZE
Cndlbrnr thumb.gif Candle Burner Action Hartmut Wendt(Harty123) Released CNDLBRNR.UZE
Chess4uz thumb.gif Chess for Uzebox Strategy Martin Šustek Released CHESS4UZ.UZE
Chickens.jpg Chickens in Choppers Shooter CunningFellow Released CCHOPPER.UZE
Chuckegg thumb.png Chuckie Egg Platform PitfallJones Released CHUCKEGG.UZE
Circuit puzzle 05.png Circuit Puzzle Puzzle Matt Pandina(Artcfox) Released CIRCUIT.UZE
Columns thumb.png Columns Puzzle Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) Released COLUMNS.UZE
Ctrltest thumb.png Controller Tester Utility Flávio Zavan(nebososo) Released CTRLTEST.UZE
ControllerTester 2.png Controller Tester 2 Utility Nickolas Andersen(nicksen782) Released CRLTEST2.UZE
Gamelife thumb.gif Conway's Game of Life Sandbox Alec Bourque(uze6666) Released GAMELIFE.UZE
Crdnebos thumb.png Corrida Nebososa Racing Flávio Zavan(nebososo) Released CRDNEBOS.UZE
32z29715.gif Corrida Nebososa 2 Racing Dominik Kristen Released CRDNEBOS2.UZE
Dasboot thumb.gif Das Boot Simulation Dominik Kristen(KILO) Released DASBOOT.UZE
Daleks.jpg Daleks Action Mapes Released DALEKS.UZE
Dnkykong thumb.gif Donkey Kong Platform Paul McPhee(Paul) Released DNKYKONG.UZE
Dr-mario.gif Dr.Mario Puzzle CodeCrank Released DRMARIO.UZE
Emuze.png Emuze Utility Paul McPhee(Paul) Released EMUZE.UZE
Esd-attack.gif ESD Attack Shooter Clay Cowgill(havok1919) Released ESDATTCK.UZE
15puzzle thumb.gif Fifteen Puzzle Puzzle Kerby Released 15PUZZLE.UZE
Screen2.jpg Final Blood Shooter Dominik Kristen (Kilo) Released FINALBLOOD.UZE
Firerscu thumb.gif Fireman Rescue Action Arlof Released FIRERSCU.UZE
Foaddemo thumb.gif Flight of a Dragon Platform Sandor Zsuga (Jubatian) Released FOAD.UZE
Uzem 001.jpg Football Sport Dominik Kristen (Kilo) Released Football.UZE
Frogger.png Frogger Action Paul McPhee(Paul) Released FROGGER.UZE
Ffscreen.png Frog Feast Action Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) Released FRGFEAST.UZE
Gghost beta.png Ghosty Ghost Action James Elliott (kivan117) Released GGHOST.UZE
Gorillas10.png Gorillas Artillery Hartmut Wendt(Harty123) Released GORILLAS.UZE
Hammarubi.jpg Hammurabi Strategy Dominik Kristen(Kilo) Released HAMMURABI.UZE
Hattrick1.png Hattrick Sport Dominik Kristen(Kilo) Released HATTRICK.UZE
Easter2.png Happy Easter Action Hartmut Wendt(Harty123) Released HAPPESTR.UZE
Holeymoley.jpg Holey Moley Platform Ellipsis Released HOLEYMLY.UZE
Idk.jpg IKD Combat Dan Macdonald(danboid) Released IKD.UZE
Iros ice.png Iros Platform/Shooter Lawrence Brooks(L4rry) Released IROS.UZE
Joyrider.png Joyrider Driving jhhoward Released JOYRIDER.UZE
Landerlevel1.jpg Lander Flying Hartmut Wendt(Harty123) Released LANDER.UZE
Full laser11.png Laser Puzzle Puzzle Matt Pandina(Artcfox) Released LASER.UZE
LaserPuzzleII.png Laser Puzzle II Puzzle Matt Pandina(Artcfox) Released LASER2.UZE
Loderunner.png Lode Runner Logic Alec Bourque(uze6666) Released LODERUNR.UZE
Maze thumb.png Maze Labyrinth Clay Cowgill(havok1919) Released MAZE.UZE
MegaSokoban.png MegaSokoban Logic/Puzzle Martin Šustek Released MEGASOKO.UZE
Megatris.gif Megatris Puzzle Alec Bourque(uze6666) Released MEGATRIS.UZE
MRL.jpg Melli's Retro land Platform Grobian99 Released RETROLND.UZE
Memory 1p.png Memory Card Game Hartmut Wendt(Harty123) Released MEMORY.UZE
Ninjabeatdown.gif Ninja Beatdown Beat'em up Vertig0zone Released NJBEATDN.UZE
Pacman.png Pac-Man Action/Puzzle Paul McPhee(Paul) Released PACMAN.UZE
Pengo uze.png Pengo Arcade PitfallJones Released PENGO.UZE
Pentago.png Pentago Strategy Adrastos Released PENTAGO.UZE
Pill-dropper-arcade-2.PNG Pill Dropper Arcade Strategy Mapes Released PILLDROP.UZE
Pipes game.png Pipes Logic/Puzzle Hartmut Wendt(Harty123) Released PIPES.UZE
Pong.jpg Pong Paddle Sports DaveyPocket Released PONG.UZE
RoF1.jpg Reels of fortune Casino Dominik Kristen (Kilo) Released Reels.UZE
Roguze.jpg Roguze Puzzle Yllawwally Released ROGUZE.UZE
Rubycrush.jpg Ruby Crush Logic/Puzzle Adrastos Released RUBYCRSH.UZE
SharpGunner.png SharpGunner Gallery Shooter Marc Marta (ggvicviper) Released SGUNNER.UZE
Simon.png Simon Memory Hartmut Wendt(Harty123) Released SIMON.UZE
Smokey.png Smokey and the Bandit Puzzle SpacebarArcade Released SMOKEY.UZE
Snake.png Snake Action Charlie Green (Bytesquid) Released SNAKE.UZE
Snakes.gif Snakes Action DaveyPocket Released SNAKES.UZE
Sokoban.gif Sokoban Logic/Puzzle Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) Released SOKOBAN.UZE
Sokowrld thumb.gif Sokoban World Logic/Puzzle Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) Released SOKOWRLD.UZE
Solitair thumb.gif Solitaire Card Game Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) Released SOLITAIR.UZE
SpaceAge.png Space Age Arcade PitfallJones Released SPACEAGE.UZE
SpaceInvaders.png Space Invaders Shooter Paul McPhee(Paul) Released SPINVADR.UZE
Starduino.jpg Starduino Shooter Stephane Hockenhull(rv6502) Released STRDUINO.UZE
Stormforce.jpg Stormforce Shooter Grobian99 Released STMFORCE.UZE
SubMarine.jpg SubMarine Action Dominik Kristen(KILO) Released SUBMARIN.UZE
Tankfu.png Tank Fu Combat Lawrence Brooks(L4rry) Released TANKFU.UZE
Tetris.jpg Tetris Puzzle Dominik Kristen (KILO) Released TETRIS.UZE
Tornado2000.gif Tornado 2000 Shooter CunningFellow Released TORNADO.UZE
Toorumquest.png Toorum's Quest Action Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) Released TOORUMSQ.UZE
Tron.png Tron Action Adrastos Released TRON.UZE
Uze8.png Uze8 Emulator Gabriel Released UZE8.UZE
Uzeamp.jpg Uzeamp Multimedia Alec Bourque(uze6666) Released UZEAMP.UZE
Uzebeats.jpg UzeBeats Music schepers_cp Released UZEBEATS.UZE
Tactics1.jpg Uzebox Tactics Strategy Dominik Kristen (Kilo) Released UZEBOXTACTICS.UZE
Uzeburn screenshot.png UzeBurn Utility Sandor Zsuga (Jubatian) Released UZEBURN.UZE
Uzefeud.png Uze Feud Game Show Flávio Zavan(nebososo) Released UZE_FEUD.UZE
Uzekickers game.png Uzekickers Sports Gosma Released UZEKICKS.UZE
Uzemaze.png UzeMaze Puzzle JimmyDansbo Released UZEMAZE.UZE
Uzepede.png Uzepede Action Christian Garbs Released UZEPEDE.UZE
Uzesnakes.png Uze Snakes Action Flávio Zavan(nebososo) Released UZESNAKE.UZE
Uzewars.jpg UzeWars Action Stache Released UZE_WARS.UZE
Uzesweep thumb.gif Uzesweeper Logic/Puzzle Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) Released UZESWEEP.UZE
VectorGame.jpg Vector Game Shooter CunningFellow Released VECTGAME.UZE
Titlescr videopoker.png Videopoker Card Game Jim Croskell(Roukan) Released VDOPOKER.UZE
Whack-a-mole.gif Whack-a-Mole Action Alec Bourque(uze6666) Released WHACKMOL.UZE
Wurgertime.png Würgertime Arcade Jan Kandziora(Janka) Released WRGRTIME.UZE
Xor.png XOR Logic/Puzzle PitfallJones Released XOR.UZE
Zombienator v2.png Zombienator Shooter Peter Hedman(Phog) Released ZMBINATR.UZE
ZMGSCTRY.png Zooming Secretary Action Platform Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) Released ZMGSCTRY.UZE
Lolo.png Adventures Of Lolo Logic/Puzzle Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) WIP ADV_LOLO.UZE
Airhockey.png Air Hockey Sports ???? WIP AIRHOCKY.UZE
Astrostack.png Astrostack Logic/Puzzle Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) WIP ASTROSTK.UZE
Backtonature.jpg Back to nature Action Dominik Kristen (KILO) WIP BACKTONATURE.UZE
BombermanII.png Bomberman II Action Matias Moreno WIP BMBRMAN2.UZE
Bubblebobble.png Bubble Bobble Action Nicksen782 WIP BUBLBOBL.UZE
Castlevania.png Castlevania: Uzebox Platform Alec Bourque(uze6666) WIP CASTLVNA.UZE
Digdugscreenshot.png Dig Dug Action Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) WIP DIGDUG.UZE
Escape.jpg Escape From Dungeon 2 Action Flecko WIP ESCAPEDN.UZE
Medievalmelee.png Fliptris Logic/Puzzle Flecko WIP FLIPTRIS.UZE
G-force.png G-Force Horizontal Shooter Mapes WIP G_FORCE.UZE
Kismet.png Kismet Card Game Jim Croskell(Roukan) WIP KISMET.UZE
Mgbomber thumb.gif Mega Bomber Action Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) WIP MGBOMBER.UZE
Moon-patrol.gif Moon Patrol Shooter Clay Cowgill(havok1919) WIP MOONPTRL.UZE
Sonic.gif Sonic Platform Lightfoot256 WIP SONIC.UZE
U-Type.png U-Type (working title) Shooter Steve Maddison WIP U_TYPE.UZE
Uze-A-Move.png Uze-A-Move Logic/Puzzle Steve Maddison WIP UZEAMOVE.UZE
Uzejump-wip 2018-08-03.png UzeJump Platform/Puzzle Ryan Stenz (ry755) WIP UZEJUMP.UZE
Mario2.jpg Uze Mario Platform Gerkl WIP UZEMARIO.UZE
Def thumb.png Uzetroids Action ????? WIP UZETROID.UZE
VoidFighterBeta.png Void Fighter Shooter Jhysaun WIP VOIDFGHT.UZE
WS1.png WallStreet Simulation Dominik Kristen (Kilo) WIP WALLSTREET.UZE
Zelda2.jpg Zelda II Adventure blue_knight WIP ZELDAII.UZE
NRA Z1-firstscreen.png Legend_of_Zelda_I Adventure nicksen782 WIP ZELDAI.UZE
3d-demo.png 3D Demo Graphics Demo Jhhoward Demo 3D-DEMO.UZE
8-way-scrolling-demo.png 8-way Scrolling Demo Platformer Artcfox Demo 8WSCDEMO.UZE
ALGMUSIC.png Algorithmic Music Demo Music Demo Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) Demo ALGMUSIC.UZE
Mode8.gif Bitmap Demo Video Mode Example Alec Bourque(uze6666) Demo BITMAPDM.UZE
Brokenscreen.jpg Broken Screen Demo Screen Saver Dominik Kristen (Kilo) Demo BROKESCR.UZE
Calculator demo.jpg Calculator Demo Electronics DaveyPocket Demo CALC.UZE
Claysdemo.gif Clay's Uzebox Demo Electronics Clay Cowgill(havok1919) Demo CLAY_DMO.UZE
Uzetherm1.png Digital thermometer demo Electronics Harmut Wendt(Harty123) Demo DIGTHERM.UZE
Dungeon-slash.gif Dungeon Slash Demo Adventure David Etherton Demo DNGNSLASH.UZE
FilledPoly.gif.gif Filled Polygon Demo Video Mode Demo Cunning Fellow Demo RLEDEMO.UZE
Img-viewer-3.PNG Image Viewer Graphics Demo Jubatian Released IMGVDEM1.UZE
Halloweendemo.gif Halloween Demo Seasonal Demo Clay Cowgill(havok1919) Demo HALLOWN8.UZE
Matrixscr.gif The Matrix Screen Saver Screen Saver Adrastos Demo MATRIXSS.UZE
Mode45 screenshot.png Mode 45 Demo Video Mode Demo Jubatian Demo VM45DEMO.UZE
Mode80 screenshot2.png Mode 80 Demo Video Mode Demo Jubatian Demo VM80DEMO.UZE
Mode9.gif Mode 9 Demo Video Mode Demo Alec Bourque(uze6666) Demo MODE9DEM.UZE
Mode7.png Movie Player Multimedia Alec Bourque(uze6666) Demo MOVIEPLY.UZE
Musicdemo.jpg Music Demo Music Alec Bourque(uze6666) Demo MUSICDEM.UZE
Race.gif Race Racing Clay Cowgill(havok1919) Demo RACE.UZE
Redbull.png RedBull Demo Demo Alpha One Labs Demo REDBULL.UZE
Def thumb.png SD Card Demo SD Card First Use Alec Bourque(uze6666) Demo SD_DEMO.UZE
Sg mdemo thumb.png Shadowgate Music Demo Music Demo Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) Demo SGM_DEMO.UZE
SpiRamDemo.PNG SPI RAM Demo Demo Alec Bourque (Uze6666) Demo SPI_DEMO.UZE
Sprite-demo1.gif Sprite Engine V1 demo Kernel Demo Alec Bourque(uze6666) Demo SPRDEMO1.UZE
Sprite-demo2.gif Sprite Engine V2 demo Kernel Demo Alec Bourque(uze6666) Demo SPRDEMO2.UZE
Sprite-demo3.gif Super Mario demo Kernel Demo Alec Bourque(uze6666) Demo SM_DEMO.UZE
SuperMarioLand.png Super Mario Land demo Game Demo Nickolas Andersen(nicksen782) Demo SMLDEMO.UZE
Tronlegacydemo.jpg Tron Legacy Music Demo Music Demo Alec Bourque(uze6666) Demo TRONDEMO.UZE
Uzecast-3.PNG Uzecast Demo Graphics Demo Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) Demo UZECAST1.UZE
Mode6.png Vector Demo Video Mode Demo Alec Bourque(uze6666) Demo VECTDEMO.UZE
Win8 big.png Windows 8 for Uzebox Electronics Hartmut Wendt(Harty123) Demo WIN8DEMO.UZE