B.C. Dash

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B.C. Dash
B.C. Dash Title Screen
DeveloperPaul McPhee
Code licenseGNU General Public License version 3
or (at your option) any later version.
Media licenseCreative Commons Attribution Share-Alike version 3.0
EngineKernel V5
Video Mode3
Latest release1.0
Release dateOctober 25, 2009

B.C. Dash is a platformer game that pits you against the environment as you race against the clock for the fastest time. On your hazardous journey you will negotiate all manner of awkward terrain and encounter a host of strange artifacts that may aid or ail. You must combine your swift feline reactions with the cunning of a ...snail? Yes, a snail, in order to achieve the fastest dash since Thor and Grog!

Bob B.C. Dash was originally named B.C. Bob and was to star Bob. But Bob lost his stone wheel... maybe he'll find it again at a later date.

B.C. Dash was made with the help of the Platz toolset.


  • 1 player gameplay
  • One massive, seamless level
  • Play as a Panther, a Dragonfly, a Turtle, and if you're unlucky enough, as a Snail!
  • Platz mutable backgrounds enable a dynamic environment
  • High scores preserved in EEPROM
  • Catchy tunes (converted by Uze)



"A wizard did it" -- in case you were wondering how all this shape-shifting came to be, you have your answer; nevermind the bombs and pogo sticks. Each form has pluses and minuses. Even the snail may give you time to spend some of your hard-earned ducats.

  • Panther The Panther is your main form and the one you will likely spend most time in. She is the fastest form if controlled skillfully.
  • Dragonfly What this guy lacks in speed he makes up for in aerial manoeuvres. Time your use of this one carefully.
  • Turtle Awkward, but wise, is the turtle. He's been 'round long enough to know of a few back roads.
  • Snail Uze snuze uze luze.


Some artifacts in the land of B.C. Dash can be beneficial to your goal. Others will harm your progress and should be avoided whenever possible.

  • Ancient Egg From the Ancient Egg hatches the giant dragonfly. Timing the call can make or break a dash.
  • Boots Reebok's sent back through time (that wizard again). Luckily they're a perfect fit and good for a burst of speed!
  • Hourglass It's like quicksand through your egg timer.
  • Idol You're just not a real deity if you can't walk on water.
  • Coin Save your ducats for a rainy day or lay 'em down for a good time. A once shifted decade is all that's asked.
  • Bomb Destroys all nearby matter but leaves you otherwise unharmed.
  • Poison Roll the dice and take your chances; only they're all snake eyes, so maybe don't. Freezing; drunken reflexes; taxes; and slimy trails abound.
  • Fire It'll scald your paws and burn your time like there's no tomorrow.
  • Icicles These icicles formed upwards due to gravitational distortions... wizards, I mean to say. Time flies with these shards in your paws.


  • Button A: Jump when in Panther form. Hold when exiting the water for a super jump!
  • Button B: Activate selected power-up
  • Left/Right Shoulders: Scroll through power-ups
  • Up, Down, Left, Right:
    • Scrolls through letters when entering initials
    • Controls movement when playing
  • Start:
    • Confirms initials
    • Start/Pause game
  • Select:
    • Allows the player to enter their initials when the title screen is visible
    • Loads the title screen, resetting any game in progress


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