Zelda II

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Zelda II
DeveloperBlue Knight
Code licenseunknown
Media licenseunknown
EngineKernel V5
Video Mode3
Latest releaseUnreleased

The project - Zelda 2 remake/port on Uzebox. The idea is to mimic the original game as much as possible and then use the engine to build two additional Zelda 2 styles games (basically fan sequels) to form a Zelda 2 "trilogy."

Current Features

  • Basic movement, animated Link and jumping.
  • Collision detection.
  • 5 sidescrolling areas to explore.
  • Tiles and meta-tiles for 3 different types of environments.

Upcoming Features

Gameplay Demo 1.

  • Jump animation, crouch, attack animations.
  • Basic combat (attack and shield block).
  • Scrolling top down overworld connecting sidescrolling areas.
  • NPCs and enemies.
  • Spell system.
  • Items.
  • Demo area featuring a town, 5 simple areas and the first palace.
  • XP and level system.
  • UI.
  • Music and sound effects.


  • Left = Move left
  • Right = Move right
  • A = Jump


This is an early Work In Progress, only a "teaser demo" has been released so far. I'm currently working on a full Gameplay Demo of the first area of the game, which will feature most of the final gameplay concepts. There is also a tile, meta-tile, sprite and level editor being built to make working on the game easier. The teaser demo was built using this editor - the graphics, tiles, maps, start point data and teleport data. The editor can export the data in a format that gets compiled into the final hex file - none of the maps, transitions or starting points are hardcoded. I will release the editor and engine so other people can make Zelda 2 style action/adventure games on this platform. To track the progress, visit this thread: [1].


Play In Browser

Teaser Demo: [[2]]