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Game Play
DeveloperJan Kandziora
Code licenseGNU General Public License version 3
or (at your option) any later version.
Media licenseCreative Commons Attribution Share-Alike version 3.0
EngineUzebox 3.1
Video Mode3
Latest release2.0
Release date2019-04-23

Würgertime is an original game in the style of the old-tyme game Burger Time.


  • Up to four enemies with different four different AIs.
  • 99 Levels + external level editor written in Tcl


  • Directions and A-Button for throwing pepper


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Game Manual

Würgertime is a silly little platformer. You control a short fat cook and have to stomp burger parts down the shelves so the burgers —or was it Würgers?— land on the plates ready for the customers to eat. (Yeah, those people have guts of steel … or something like that.) Falling burger pieces cascade! That does not only make your life easier but also gives you extra score. Same for burger pieces knocking your opponents off-screen. If you find yourself in a pickle (pun intended) you can throw a pepper. When all burgersWürgers in a level are served, there is a bonus stage. Pick up a valueable item for each opponent knocked off the screen due to serving the last burger. Pick up the cockroaches at all other opponent start points. The remaining bonus is credited to your score. Oh, and hurry! At bonus 250, the game doubles its speed to remind you of that.

Check out the awesome and full Manual at GitHub


At GitHub