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I would like to see resources set up to bring in contributers to the project, and get them up to speed and able to contribute from wherever they are. I know it's a lot, but links would suffice.


How do you create a new page?? >J EDIT: Figured it out.

==??== by Lee Is that BaCon and Basic cross compiler thing dead? Haven't heard anything on this, and as far as I know someone was excited put it up on the wiki then abandoned it. You can tell I am anti-basic :) but having extra WIPs on the main wiki page looks bad.

Broken links which should be fixed or gone

  • The tool binaries (Uzebox Project Pages) is a Google Code link which apparently redirects to the Uzebox master repo. But those are not binaries. If such a link is offered then it should have valid content.
  • The AVR Bootloader FAQ in Documentation is dead. Somebody who remembers what it was should try to locate it.