Legend of Zelda I

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Legend of Zelda I
NRA Z1-firstscreen.png
Video Mode3 (scrolling=0)
Latest releaseDemo: (2017-01-11)

This game is a port of the original Legend of Zelda for NES. It will be modified where needed in some parts to be made compatible with the Uzebox.

Current Features

  • Basic movement, animated Link.
  • Collision detection with tiles.
  • Uses data from the SD card
  • Can walk around the entire Hyrule world.
  • Collision detection by tile ids.


  • DPAD = Move
  • A = Attack
  • B = Attack/item
  • Select = n/a
  • Start = n/a


  • This game is probably going to push the Uzebox and Mode 3 to it's limits. Good!
  • SD support enables usage of every screen in the game.
  • Game build is documented in my tutorial series: Uzebox_Tutorials_And_Such


Play online! Latest version! (older versions also available!)
Demo: (2017-10-11) | .UZE and SD file 
Enemies on screen. Can attack. Improved collision detection/
Play In Browser
Demo: (2014-02-28) (UCC2014) | .HEX and SD file 
Walk around the world. Animation.


Sources (zip) (2017-01-11) (Latest)

Sources (zip) (2014-02-28) (UCC2014)