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Here's some known implementation, homemade versions and derived projects. If yours in not in here, please add it!

Dominik Kristen Uzebox portable

  • breadboard design
  • includes Audio Amplifier with LM386
  • Powered by a 5V powerbank
  • 4.3" TFT of a car monitor
  • b/w until AD725 arrived

20220202 182741.jpg 20220202 182723.jpg

Dominik Kristen (E)Uzebox (Jamma)

  • breadboard design
  • includes Audio Amplifier with LM386
  • Pin header with CD4021 for external Joysticks
  • Coin Counter circuit (12V Output)
  • MIDI interface
  • All Jamma relevant connections on pin headers

20181217 081635.jpg 20181217 081719.jpg

Uzebox mini arcade

a mini arcade cabinet based on the E/Uzebox and an Arcadi iPAD mini Arcade enclosure


forum thread


Uzebox Damian.jpg Uzebox damian2.jpg

Project page

Kilo's Uzebox

  • breadboard design
  • fits in a enclosure of an external SAMSUNG burner

Kilo Uzebox1.jpg Kilo Uzebox3.jpg


The EUzebox is a Uzebox compatible console for the European market with the following features:

  • 90° SCART socket on board
  • optional MIDI interface
  • full trought-hole design for easy assembly
  • fits in Hammond 1455L1202 aluminium case
  • Kits available for sale

Euzebox prototype.jpg Euzebox prototype back.jpg

Project's page (You can buy kits here)

Uzebox JAMMA

The Uzebox JAMMA is 100% compatible with the Uzebox spec and is designed to be connected in arcade machines using the industry standard JAMMA connector.

Uzebox jamma.jpg


Doragasu's RgbUzebox

RGBUzebox2.jpg RGBUzebox1.jpg

Project's page Download schematic and gerbers


Uzemegagame1.png Uzemegagame2.png

Youtube video

Hartmut Wendt

Harty-uzebox1.JPG Harty-uzebox2.JPG

One of the very few DIY Uzebox out there with a neat enclosure!

Homepage(in German) (Google English Translation)

Infinite NES Lives



DIY Fuzebox

Diyfuzebox.JPG FUZEIM000137.JPG

A homemade DIY Fuzebox version from Germany! Link (in German): [1]

SCART version from Russia

Uzebox pal.jpg

This version created by f0lken supports the ubiquitous SCART interface used in Europe and does not require the AD725.


Version 2 with modular design.

Reed G. Law

Amuzebox0v1.jpg Amuzebox-tetris.jpg

The Amuzebox is an open source game console based on the Uzebox design. The Amuzebox closely follows the standard Uzebox implementation except for a few minor changes. Oh, and yes, that second picture actually fills an entire wall!!

Paul Mcphee

Uzebox-paul.jpg Uzebox-paul-dk.jpg





David Cranor's Uzebox in a NES controller

Uzebox in a NES.jpg Innes.jpg

Project's page on the Uzebox forum

Project's GIT repo


Supermesna2.jpg Supermesna1.jpg

Original Uzebox forum discussion topic

Uzebox Picture Frame

Uzebox photoframe.jpg

Original post (Internet Archive)

Uzebox Portable

Uzebox portable.jpg


Automation Interface

PLC is a program logic control for industrial process. The user interface is driven by the Uzebox video engine.


Steve Chamberlin's

Steeve uzebox top.jpg

Projet's page (Internet Archive)





Davey uzebox.jpg


Uzebox AVCore


The AVCore module (in red) is essentially the full Uzebox on a 40-pins DIP footprint! It can be used standalone and plugged into any circuit or used in conjunction with the baseboard to provided all the required connectors to play games.

Sparkfun Electronics



The Fuzebox is a fully open-source, DIY 8-bit game console based on the Uzebox project. It is designed specifically for people who know a little bit of programming to expand into designing and creating their own video games and demos. A full-featured core runs in the background and does all the video and audio processing so that your code stays clean and easy to understand.