Exporting Gimp Layers in a Strip

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Im guessing some of you use gimp for their graphics, which means you probably use layers for each tile or frame. The problem with this is if you have 80 frames how can you export it in a stip/tileset, so you can use tilestudio or pragma's python script.


  • 1. In gimp goto Filters>Combine>Filmstrip
  • 2. Hit the 'Advance' Tab at the top.
  • 3. Set 'Image height' to 1 and everything else to 0.
  • 4. Go back to the 'Selection' Tab and uncheck 'At Top' and 'At Bottom' under Numbering and 'Fit height to images' under filmstrip.
  • 5. (Optional)You can combine many images into one strip with this. Just open all the images you want in the strip. Select them on 'Available Images' and hit add.
  • 6. Hit OK
  • 7. The filter will then generate a new image with all your tiles in a line.

Just an unrelated note: This is one of the many things I learned while making Void Fighter. I plan on making more tutorials, yet I still have to finish the game. I wrote this one early though because I feel this can be a real help to people.

Well its 2:15 AM here so Im going to bed. Happy Developing.