Expansion Port

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Expansion Port


The Uzebox Expansion Port allows access to unused/free pins as well as those pins that can be share across devices, such as SPI. Users are always free to experiment with any of the pins, but keep in mind using unofficial devices on reserved pins could cause issues with programs that expect something else to be there. When designing something you wish for others to adopt, you should reference the official reserved list below and also discuss your case on the forums before you release it or order pre-made PCBs.

Official devices should assume 0.1 pins are soldered into the Uzebox, as that is what the official Uzenet module expects and devices need to cooperate.

Pin Diagram

PA4|- -|MOSI
PA5|- -|SCK
PA7|- -|RX(UART/Serial)
PD3|- -|TX(UART/Serial)
PD5|- -|PB1
VCC|- -|PB2

Pin Status

GND - Free use
PA4 - for SPI ram /CS
PA5 - Free use
PA6 - Free use
PD3 - ESP_RST/'Soft' Power-on Switch (AVCore)
PD5 - Reserved for Coin Counter (Uzebox JAMMA)
VCC - Regulated 5v, Free
MISO - SPI interface, can be multiplexed(requires reserved /CS)
MOSI - SPI interface
SCK - SPI interface
RESET - Reset button connection
RX - UART, can be used by 1 device at a time
TX - UART, can be used by 1 device at a time
PB1 - Synchronous clock to external device(s)
PB2 - Reserved for future use