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The EUzebox is Uzebox compatible console made specifically for the European market. It feeds the RGB signals directly to the TV via the SCART interface hence not requiring the AD725 RBG-to-NTSC converter. The vast majority of recent European TVs should support NTSC timing without problems. However some issues have been reported concerning certain brands and models. This page compiles the TVs specifically known to work and the ones known to have issues.

TVs tested and known to work

Brand Model Comment
Sony Bravia 40EX710 By default the image is a little bit blurry, can be fixed by setting sharpness to 9; even works with extremely unstable signal
Sharp LC-49UI8762ES Using included SCART adapter

TVs known to have issues

Brand Model Comment
Skymaster 20SH3010 Rebranded chinese TV, has SCART plug, only accepts composite video, no RGB