EEPROM Block ID Reservation List

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The EEPROM API functions are based on reading and writing "blocks". Each block is 30 bytes and is prefixed with a unique word ID (for a total of 32 bytes per block). Reserve one or more unique IDs for your game here. Although IDs can go up to 65534 (0xffff means an empty block), there is a maximum of 63 simultaneous block that can be allocated in the Atmega644 EEPROM (2048 bytes in the EEPROM / 32 bytes per block). Block IDs 0,1 and 0x555A are reserved for the kernel. To view, edit or remove the blocks on your console, see the emuze tool.

Block ID Owner Game
0(0x00) Kernel Reserved
1(0x01) Kernel Reserved
2(0x02) Uze Megatris
3(0x03) Uze Whack-a-Mole
4(0x04) Jhysaun Void Fighter
5(0x05) DaveyPocket Pong
6(0x06) Uze Arkanoid
7(0x07) Codecrank Dr.Mario
8(0x08) Uze Lode Runner
9(0x09) Harty123 Lander
10(0x0A) Harty123 Memory
11(0x0B) Paul Donkey Kong
12(0x0C) Paul Space Invaders
13(0x0D) Paul Pac-Man
14(0x0E) Paul B.C. Dash
15(0x0F) Paul B.C. Dash
16(0x10) Paul Frogger
17(0x11) Kilo Das Boot
18(0x12) Kilo Das Boot
19(0x13) Charlie Green (Bytesquid) Snake
21(0x15) Adrastos Ruby Crush
22(0x16) Harty123 Gorillas
23(0x17) Harty123 Simon
24(0x18) Harty123 Happy Easter
25(0x19) Harty123 Pipes 1/2
26(0x1A) Harty123 Pipes 2/2
27(0x1B) Harty123 Candle Burner
28(0x1C) Harty123 2048
30(0x1E) Alda Quadrax
42(0x2A) DaveyPocket Trestle Trouble 1/2 (UJ)
43(0x2B) DaveyPocket Trestle Trouble 2/2 (UJ)
52(0x34) Roukan Videopoker
53(0x35) Roukan Kismet
54(0x36) Roukan 2013 Winter Game Competition Entry
55(0x37) Dominik Kristen (Kilo) Reels of fortune
61(0x3D) Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) Sokoban World Episode 3/4
62(0x3E) Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) Sokoban World Episode 1/2
63(0x3F) Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) Adventures Of Lolo
67(0x43) Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) Solitaire
68(0x44) Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) Uzesweeper
69(0x45) Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) Alter Ego(shared)
69(0x45) Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) Block Dude(shared)
70(0x46) Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) Frog Feast
71(0x47) Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) Toorum's Quest
72(0x48) Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) Dig Dug
73(0x49) Lee Weber(D3thAdd3r) Mega Bomber
89(0x59) Phog Zombienator
90(0x5A) Gerkl TBD
117(0x75) James Elliott(kivan117) Ghosty Ghost
128(0x80) Martin Šustek chess4uzebox
129(0x81) Martin Šustek Atomix
130 - 134(0x82-0x86) Martin Šustek MegaSokoban
135 - 136(0x87-0x88) CunningFellow Tornado 2000
137(0x89) Matt Pandina(Artcfox) Bugz
138(0x8A) Lawrence Brooks(L4rry) Tank Fu
139(0x8B) Lawrence Brooks(L4rry) Tank Fu
142(0x8E) Lawrence Brooks(L4rry) Iros
140 - 141(0x8C-0x8D) CunningFellow Chickens in Choppers
(0xA0-????) Ellipsis Holey Moley
569(0x239) Nebososo Corrida Nebososa
666(0x29A) Pragma Castlevania:Vengeance
833(0x341) Vin & Hylian Uzebox Tactics
1024(0x400) Artcfox Circuit Puzzle
22356(0x5754) Jan Kandziora Würgertime
25858(0x6502) Stephane Hockenhull Starduino
43788(0xAB0C) Mapes / DaveyPocket Uzebox JAMMA: soft dipswitches
21850(0x555A) Kernel Reserved
61613(0xF0AD) Jubatian Flight of a Dragon