Creating new Uzebox Game Projects

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Setup a new project based on an existing one

  1. Checkout the code from Github
  2. Copy c:/your_checkout_dir/rev-beta4/Demos/Tutorial folder to (for example) c:/your_work_dir/MyGame
  3. Rename tutorial.aps, & tutorial.c to MyGame.aps, & MyGame.c respectively.
  4. Open MyGame.aps with notepad and update[code] <ProjectName>tutorial</ProjectName>[/code] with [code]<ProjectName>MyGame</ProjectName>[/code]
  5. Edit /default/Makefile to replace all "tutorial" words with "MyGame".
  6. Open the project and you will need to remove the "not found" files and add MyGame.c.
  • on GNU/Linux I had to edit the Makefile and remove the .exe extension from avr-dude command. Also had to substitute some occurrences of "tutorial" in the Makefile.