Corrida Nebososa's Manual

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Main Menu

The Main Menu
  • 1 Player: Select a track and race the computer.
  • 2 Players: Set up a player vs player race.
  • Options: Configure the difficulty, the music and more .
  • Track Editor: Create your own tracks.
  • Credits and Licenses: Information about copyright and licenses of both code and media.

Options Screen

The Options Menu
  • Difficulty lets you decide how skilled the computer is. Easy will go slow and will waste time on turns. Medium will go fast and turn better. Hard will go faster than you, precisely time the nitro and has a higher change of not wasting any time on turns.
  • Horn lets you choose whether the racers are allowed to honk during the race.
  • Car Collisions enables or disables the collisions between the cars so that the race can be, in some cases, more fair.
  • Nitro enables or disables the nitro.
  • Music enables or disables the music.
  • SFX enables or disables the special effects (any sound that is not music).
  • Sound Test lets you play any song or sound effect in the game.
  • Clear EEPROM deletes all your tracks and preferences. Be careful.

Track Editor

The Track Editor
Replacing a track


  • D-pad: Move the cursor around
  • B: Place tile
  • Y: Delete tile
  • Start: Open a menu that lets you leave the editor

Understanding The Editor

You only place the corners and the finish line.

  • Dark green is your cursor.
  • Bright red is where the finish line tile is.
  • Dark red is the last placed corner, as the corner type is still unknown.
  • Bright green means the cursor is on the finish line tile and you are about to finish the track.

Saving Your Track

When you finish your work, you will be asked if you want to save it or not, if you choose cancel, you will be taken back to the editor to adjust your track. If the EEPROM block is full and you want to save, you are going to have to replace one track. Move the cursor to the track you want to overwrite and it will be drawn on the background.

Track Selector

Setting up a race

All tracks will be here, the custom ones will be right after the 10th default track.


  • Right: Next Track
  • Left: Previous Track
  • Up: Increase The Number Of Laps
  • Down: Reduce The Number Of Laps
  • Select: Reverse Current Track
  • Start: Start Race

The Race

A Race

Player one is always the red car and player two is always the yellow car.


  • Right: Rotate Clockwise
  • Left: Rotate Counterclockwise
  • B: Accelerate
  • Y: Break And Reverse
  • L: Horn
  • R: Nitro
  • Start: Pause The Game

Information On The Screen

  • The Position is displayed on the top.
  • The Number Of Completed Laps is right after L: and before the number of needed laps.
  • The Amount Of Nitro Left is displayed in percentage on the bottom.