Calling the Emulator in AVRStudio

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There's a quick and dirty way to invoke the emulator straight from AVRStudio. You can only configure it to handle the same hex file, but still, when working on a game, it's very handy!

  1. Go in Tools->Customize...
  2. Under the Tools tab, click the little folder icon and name it "Run on Uzebox Emulator"
  3. In the COmmand field, browse to the location of uzem.exe
  4. In the Arguments field, put the full path to where you hex file in compiled, i.e: "C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\My Documents\projet\atmel\Uzebox2\demos\Tutorial\default\Tutorial.hex"
  5. Click the Commands tab and select the "Tools" item from the left box
  6. Scroll a bit in the right box and drag and drop the item "Run on Uzebox Emulator" straight into a toolbar. I've put mine on the same toolbar as the compile+flash one, so compiling+running is only two clicks away!