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Arkanoid (port)
Arkanoid Level 1
GenreBreakout Clone
Code licenseGNU GPLv3
EngineKernel V4
Video Mode3
Latest release1.0
Release dateDecember 28th, 2008 / January 2022

The classic arcade game ported to the Uzebox. There's no enemies though due to RAM and CPU limitations.

New Version


  • Added 4 more levels
  • Added little ship graphics for players life
  • Added score and highscore in EEPROM


On the top left is the score. On the top right the highscore, saved on EEPROM.


Every cleared brick gives 10 points Every bonus gives 1 point. The bonus for an extra life will give 2 points.

Ball bug

In some levels the ball can get stuck. There is also the X button. If you press the X button, the X orientation of the ball changes momentarily and you can free it. However, you lose 10 points for each press of the X button. So never leave the button pressed.

In addition, the title page has been added again. Unfortunately, however, without the title graphic, due to limitations of memory space. Also new is a pause function as soon as you press the START button.

Any cheat functions have been removed.

by Dominik "Kilo" Kristen


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New Version


Part of the master Uzebox repository: [1]