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New Game Alert: Zooming Secretary!
October 26, 2017 at 7:58 pm

Lee Weber aka D3thAdd3r released his latest game: Zooming Secretary! It’s an excellent port of the NES game by Shiru. It puts you in the role of an overworked secretary. The protagonist […]

New Game Alert: Iros!
September 21, 2017 at 9:01 pm

Lawrence Brooks releases Iros, a platform and shooting game inspired by Solar-Warrior from Technos. It’s played on and around 5 diverse planets featuring alternating stages of action platforming and space […]

New Tutorial: Getting Started with the Uzebox Video Game Console (part 2)
February 19, 2017 at 10:13 pm

Matt Pandina aka Artcfox, released part 2 of his tutorial on getting started on the Uzebox. This covers the installation of the custom Uzebox color palette file into GIMP, configuring […]

New Game Alert: Block Boy!
February 19, 2017 at 6:07 pm

Lee Weber aka D3thAdd3r is back with another game! Block Boy is a puzzle game based around lifting, moving, and dropping boxes. The goal of each level is to reach the […]

New game alert: Laser Puzzle II!
February 4, 2017 at 2:28 am

Artcfox is on fire and releases a new laser puzzle game aptly named…Laser Puzzle II! Gameplay is very similar to Laser Puzzle, but there are additional tokens, and some behave differently. […]

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The Uzebox is a retro-minimalist 8-bit open source game console. It is based on an AVR 8-bit general purpose microcontroller made by Atmel. The particularity of the system is that it uses an interrupt driven kernel and has no frame buffer. Functions such as video signal generation, tile rendering and music mixing is done in realtime by a background task so your game can easily be developed in C. The design goal was to be as simple as possible yet have good enough sound and graphics to implement interesting games. Emphasis was put on making it easy and fun to assemble and program for any hobbyists. The final design contains only two chips: an ATmega644 and an AD725 RGB-to-NTSC converter.

Current Features
  • Low parts count and cost: The system is made of only two chips and discrete components.
  • Interrupt driven kernel: No cycle counting required, sound mixing and video generation are all made in the background.
  • 256 simultaneous colors: Accomplished by using a simple weighted resistor DAC.
  • 5 channels sound engine: The sound subsystem is composed of 3 wavetable channels, 1 noise channel and 1 PCM channel mixed at 15.7Khz.
  • MIDI In: With a music sequencer, allows the creation of music directly on the console.
  • Retro controllers: The joypad inputs uses standard NES/SNES controllers interface.
  • SNES Mouse Support
  • SD/MicroSD card interface
  • Expandable: I/O lines and peripherals are still available, like the UART and SPI port for one to experiment.
  • Emulator: A fully cycle-perfect emulator that support GDB debugging.
  • Gameloader: 4K Bootloader that loads and flash games stored on SD cards!
  • API: Develop games using an API that provides multiple video modes, sound driver and more.
  • Open Source: The software and hardware design are totally free and licensed under the GPL.

CPU: ATmega644 microcontroller
Total RAM: 4K
Program Memory: 64K
Speed: 28.61818Mhz (Overclocked)
Colors: 256 simultaneous colors arranged in a 3:3:2 color space (Red:3 bits, Green:3 bits, Blue: 2 bits)
Resolution: Up to 360x224 pixels (tiles-only and tiles-and-sprites modes)
Sprites: Up to 32 simultaneous sprites on screen at any time
Video output: NTSC Composite and S-Video (Works without changes on most PAL/SECAM TVs)
Sound: 5 channels, 8-bit mono, mixed at ~15Khz and output via PWM
Inputs: Two NES/SNES compatible joypad inputs
Options: MIDI-in interface


These videos demonstrates some of the features of the Uzebox. The first one is a Tetris clone named "AVR Megatris". The game is fully functional and implements most of the official "Super Rotation System" (SRS) system complete with hold block, t-spins and ghost even plays classic Tetris songs!

Megatris Movie Uzebox AVCore Movie ESD Attack Movie Moon Patrol Movie Halloween Demo Movie Music Engine Demo Video Player Demo Uzebox Games Recap
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Circuit Maze Thumbnail
Circuit Maze Title
Matt Pandina (Artcfox)

Boulderdash Thumb
joyrider Thumb
joyrider Title

Happy Easter Thumb
Happy Easter Title
Hartmut Wendt

Pacman Thumb
Pacman Title
Paul McPhee

65536-in-1 Thumb
65536-in-1 Title
Flavio Zavan

laserpuzzle Thumbnail
laser puzzle Title
Matt Pandina (Artcfox)

Donkey Kong Thumbnail
Donkey Kong Title
Paul McPhee

Chuckie Egg Thumb
Chuckie Egg Title
Pitfall Jones

Chuckie Egg Thumb
Chuckie Egg Title
Pitfall Jones

2048 Thumb
2048 Title
Hartmut Wendt


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