cuzebox works under Haiku

The Uzebox now have a fully functional emulator! Download and discuss it here.
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cuzebox works under Haiku

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I'm happy to report that cuzebox builds and runs under Haiku without any modifications. You need to have the Haiku SDL devel package installed before you can build it:

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pkgman install libsdl2_devel
Then you can just run `make` to build it.

Have any other Uzebox users tried Haiku? Its not quite ready to replace Linux for me yet, mainly because of its poor GPU support (I want multi monitor support and HW accelerated video decoding) but I would like to be able to switch because its very fast and lightweight compared to most Linux distros. It installs much faster than Linux (the install speed is actually pretty miraculous), its developers are very responsive to bug reports and its nice that there is only one Haiku OS unlike the inifinite distros and varieties of the ever changing Linux.
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