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Hi to the UzeBox community

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2020 1:19 am
by Sgw32
Hi, my name is Fedor,

I am Russian electronics engineer and hobbyist. I decided to write to this forum to introduce myself to your community and to offer some things. :)
I am deeply impressed on UzeBox community and how it really works - just assembled a batch of them some days ago.
I can help with assembly anyone who is interested. Also, I've found some compatible electronics from Aliexpress which allows to seamlessly run UzeBox on modern monitors.

Here is my setup :D :



Here in Russia, I and my collegues develop and produce several electronics.
My main interest lays in the Commodore 64 scene, I've made many C64 devices and other electronic things.
We have a so-called brand PHOL-LABS :)
Our website with our product range:
We offer the development and production of retro, arcade, high-voltage and simple radio-frequency equipment.

As we've finished the assembling the testing succesfully we want to start selling assembled UzeBox F5 modules and kits.

We offer the UzeBox F5 console assembled for an affordable price of

53$ - without joystick
58$ - with joystick

Shipping from Moscow, Russia to Worldwide - 8.5$
We accept payments to the PayPal

So, if anyone is interested you can write below. :) We also accept bulk orders.

Best regards,

Re: Hi to the UzeBox community

Posted: Sun Jan 19, 2020 3:51 pm
by Jubatian
Neat stuff, thanks for posting! Could indeed be an interesting opportunity for those who would like to pick it up assembled!

Any thoughts? Particularly in the bootloader? Not like there is much opportunity to do anything with it (there is only 4 bytes of ROM left I think), but let us know if you found anything regarding it, it might be possible to be fixed / patched (Last one was a problem regarding some files MacOS tends to put on SD cards, fortunately I could evade those using only 4 bytes of code).

Re: Hi to the UzeBox community

Posted: Wed Feb 19, 2020 10:11 am
by Sgw32
Hi again,

I am sorry for a bit late reply, but here are my suggestions :)

- would be great to have a specific Atmega-monitor for uzebox to allow connection of GPIO(maybe analog too?) lines and analyze them. Since there is a lot of software and for uzebox it sounds interesting to allow people use it not only for games

- uzebox oscilloscope for radio amateurs (why not?)

- maybe a super-little variant of uzebox? PCB with only surface mount components would be great for cheap and massive production (anyway uzebox community should increase before to provide a specific demand :D )

- bootloader. Hmm. I thought it works just great. I had some problems while finding about how to exit the game back to SD menu. Maybe add some button called "back to menu"? In any other case, I've attached the random SD card from my room and it worked. Seems that everything is just fine. :)

Re: Hi to the UzeBox community

Posted: Wed Feb 19, 2020 6:45 pm
by Jubatian
For the super-little Uzebox, wouldn't this one fit?: Uzebox AVCore, the schematics exists on our Downloads page.

I have some doubts whether a useful oscilloscope is feasible since normally the highest sample rate which you would be able to get is 15.6KHz, due to how the display works (you can only sample in HSync). Some wicked design may be able to interleave a simple graphics mode with sampling to increase this, but that's pretty much a complexity which few dare to try.

A monitor however would definitely be possible if desired for hacking, reasonably simple even as long as the goal is simple.

Exiting from games into the Bootloader is typically possible by START + SELECT + B + Y (holding down all four the same time). This is however on the side of the game, the normal Uzebox kernel has the corresponding code. What it does is triggering a soft reset using the Watchdog, so then the Bootloader could start and enter the menu. A few games exist which don't have this, then the only way to get back to the Bootloader is by pressing the Reset button (if there is one on the Reset line).

Re: Hi to the UzeBox community

Posted: Thu Feb 20, 2020 5:42 am
by uze6666
Hey Fedor, welcome! Nice to see you managed to have the very latest pcb made and assembled!! :ugeek: