Is it a projector? A Video player??

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Is it a projector? A Video player??

Post by L4rry » Thu Nov 23, 2017 2:50 am

I find this youtube clip Ironic, because that's just about exactly how my friends and family react to the Uzebox and we're all at least in our mid-thirties :lol:

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Re: Is it a projector? A Video player??

Post by ry755 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 4:24 am

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Re: Is it a projector? A Video player??

Post by uze6666 » Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:03 am

It's funny because I'm only 14 and I know what most of the old retro consoles are. 8-)
Pretty cool you say that! It's always been my goal with the Uzebox to make it easy and fun to learn microcontrollers, whatever the age group. Passionate minds gravitates together to help each other and that's always been the spirit in here, and a great source of pride. :mrgreen:

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Re: Is it a projector? A Video player??

Post by Kilo » Thu Nov 30, 2017 11:59 am

There's a tv show in Germany where kids get some old retro stuff and they have to evaluate it.

Commodore 64:
Remarks of the kids: boring... it takes too long until a game is loaded... to play a game you have to type in too much stuff..

Nokia 5110 cell phone:
...too less games on it.. no whatsapp ... and so on

really funny how fast time goes by.
The last digit of Pi is 7! I calculated this, as I counted to infinity yesterday!

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