Problems! Crashes! TV & Game issues

Topics regarding the Uzebox hardware/AVCore/BaseBoard (i.e: PCB, resistors, connectors, part list, schematics, hardware issues, etc.) should go here.
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Re: Problems! Crashes! TV & Game issues

Post by Jubatian » Sat Dec 15, 2018 10:46 pm


Glad to hear! But what about the bootloader? It really bothers me why the new one just wouldn't work on some Uzeboxes, and I already did a lot to figure out the cause at software level with no success. With Ry755, the bootloader couldn't even get to start actually communicating suggesting it is some electrical issue, something somehow is not at the right level, but I really don't see what and why.

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Re: Problems! Crashes! TV & Game issues

Post by Kilo » Sat Dec 15, 2018 11:33 pm

Jo estet...
Well... what I can say: the issues I had with your bootloader wasn't the fault of tze software. It was a hardwareproblem.

It is really necessary to use a stable power supply. Not even the power adapter but the regulator on the board is important. That was one of my mistake.

The other point is to use short and thick lines of the SD connections.
Also the right fuse setting is important.

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Ps: your bootloader works great now! 😉
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