Tutorial - How to make Frogs and Flies!

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Re: Tutorial - How to make Frogs and Flies!

Post by uze6666 » Mon Jan 26, 2015 3:27 am

The tongue length seems ok to me after just a bit of practice, other wise it would get too easy quickly. One can always use the secret code to have it easy. It's your game, so it's ready when you're ready!

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Re: Tutorial - How to make Frogs and Flies!

Post by paul » Mon Jan 26, 2015 7:05 am

I think the AI is difficult, but I've only played a handful of times and I can come close to beating him. So it's probably in a pretty good spot. I don't think it should be beatable without employing some decent strategy. And I think the stomping and jump timing provides ample opportunity to form a strategy. During the night I try to just stomp the AI because I have trouble seeing the flies, and I'm quite sure he doesn't. He's stomped me a few times and dodged my stomps, too. I have to agree that I think the game is complete.

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