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  • Uzebox Portable

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    Uzebox Portable
  • Schematics, PCB, Gerbers and BOM
  • Fusion 360 Model Download (Version 101)
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  • File Revision Date Remarks  
    Uzebox Reference Design C1 24-Aug-2008 Initial release Schematic BOM
    D1 19-Nov-2008 Rev D1 Notes:
    Added SD Card and SNES interfaces
    E1 27-Mar-2010 Rev E1 Notes:
    1) Replaced DAC with AVCore version
    2) Removed MIDI interface
    3) Changed crystal caps to 18pf
    4) Changed SD card interface resitor dividers
    5) Added LED on PD4
    6) Added fixed voltage divider for audio out
    Schematic (PDF)
    Schematic (Eagle)
    F1 7-May-2011 Rev F1 Notes:
    1) Changed regulators
    2)Added back MIDI interface
    3) Added headers for A/V signals and unused MCU pins
    4)Cleaned up Eagle schematic
    5)Created PCB design
    Schematic, PCB and BOM
    Schematic (PDF)
    PCB Gerber Files
    F2 21-Dec-2011 Rev F2 Notes:
    1) Fixed the MIDI interface (Octocoupler was not connected to VCC)
    PDF Schematic, EAGLE files and BOM
    PCB Gerber Files
    F5 29-Sept-2019 Rev F5 Notes (PCB rev.1.3.3):
    1)Replaced the MIDI interface with Uzenet interface
    2)Added second ISP footprint for 90 deg connectors
    3)New footprint for SD card connector (see BOM)
    PDF Schematic, EAGLE files, Gerbers and BOM
    Uzebox EAGLE Library 1.0 18-apr-2015 Eagle library (.lbr) for Uzebox parts like SNES connector, RCA jacks, etc. Download Library
    Uzebox Keyboard Interface 1.0 1-mar-2015 Schematic for a PS/2 keyboard to SNES port interface that uses only an Attiny25. Download Zip (PDF and Eagle)
    AVCore Schematic (Clay Cowgill, 1.2 17-Oct-2008 Rev. 1.2 Notes:
    1) connected VSYNC (pin16, U2) to VCC
    2) Signal dividers on all SD Card inputs for 3.3V compatibility.
    3) Added RGB outputs for expansion options.
    4) Added R27 to allow for 3.3V only power supply.
    5) Added R26 and C18 for optional simple LPF for Audio.
    Download PDF
    Minimalist Uzebox Schematic (Steve Chamberlin) 2.0 6-Jun-2009 This version uses the less parts as possible to obtain a compatible Uzebox. It is black-and-white since it does not uses the AD725. Download PDF
    RGBUZEBOX 1.0 21-Apr-2012 Simpler and smaller version than the original. It removed the 5V regulator and also the RGB-to-NTSC converter since televisions in Europe have a RGB input. Uses SMD components to make the board even smaller. Video output uses the same DIN connector and wriring used in the Genesis/Megadrive console. Download Zip (Shematic and Gerbers)
    Uzebox with SCART Interface (F0lken) 1.0 6-Feb-2010 Minimal design for SCART. Check this Wiki entry for more information. Download Schematic
    2.0 13-Oct-2014 The goal is to create a modular design with minimal set of components. Download Schematics (Github)
    EUzebox with SCART Interface
    V1-04 4-Sept-2011 The EUzebox is a Uzebox compatible design targeted for the European market as it uses a SCART connector for the audio/video interface. Excellent and extensive shematic. Download Schematic
    V1-05 4-May-2012 1) integrated prototyping area
    2) extension socket (UART, ports for Uzetherm, GND, 3.3V, 5V)
    3) 6 pole pin header for ISP connector
    4) rated break point and connector for external power switch
    5) pre programmed with game loader 0.4.2
    6) bugfixes
    Download Schematic & parts placement
    Fuzebox MIDI interface 1.0 11-Nov-2010 A schematic that describes how to use the Fuzebox's FTDI header to connect a MIDI interface without soldering. Download Schematic
    Uzebox JAMMA Rev. C 9-Oct-2011 Uzebox designed to run in arcade cabinets using the industry standard JAMMA interface. Download schematic, assembly guide and user manual.
    Download EAGLE Schematic and PCB files.

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