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One of the best tool under windows is TortoiseGit. It integrates tightly with Explorer so you don't need to use a separate application or use command line tools. In order to use it, you will need to download and install 2 components:

  • Git for Windows (formely mSysGit): [1]
  • TortoiseGit which is a gui for Git: [2]

If you have access to push to the repository, you will need the Git Credential Manager for Windows to store credentials and avoir having to re-enter them everytime. Before installing, insure you have git.exe in your system's PATH (i.e: C:\Program Files\Git\bin). Download the installer and run it. If the installer complains it can find Git, restarting windows should solve the problem. Topic on git-credential-winstore:[3]


To be re-written(move to GIT from Google Code, linux user please update)