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[http://www.nicksen782.net/a_demos/Emscripten_Uzebox_Gamechanger/CURRENT/?gameid=153 Play In Browser]
[https://nicksen782.net/UAM/APP_emu/?gameid=153 Play In Browser]

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Sokoban single player
GenreBlock Move Puzzle
DeveloperLee Weber (D3thAdd3r)
EngineKernel V2
Video Mode2
Latest release1.0 Beta
Release dateMay 8th, 2009

Sokoban is an Uzebox remake of a fairly popular puzzle game. The player assumes the role of a warehouse worker who for some reason must push boxes onto the targets mysteriously painted on the ground. As the warehouse worker is underpaid, he refuses to pull a box so planning ahead is necessary.

Current Features

  • 1 player puzzle mode with map rotation
  • Demo Playback
  • Built in Level Editor (saving map not yet done)
  • 6 Maps
  • Customizable Tile and Character Sets
  • Simple Menu System
  • Built In Help Screens (minimal)

Upcoming Features

  • Lots More Maps/Demos
  • Better Tile and Character Sets
  • Multiple Music Tracks
  • Sequel[1]


  • D-Pad = Move worker
  • Select = restart level
  • Start = bring up menu(in game/editor), select menu item
  • X = rotate map counter-clockwise, tile selection(editor)
  • Y = rotate map clockwise, tile selection(editor)
  • B = place tile (map editor)


Play In Browser



The game was never truly finished, and unfortunately the source was destroyed by some erroneous(user error) disk partitioning during an multi-OS install. I did attempt a low level recovery, but no dice. Sokoban World was developed immediately after this game, basically to replace it. This was my first game I ever "completed", and I think the subsequent ones got a bit better :)