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Lolo Introduction

(game is not done yet :p )

Hopefully you have checked out my latest release, Adventures_Of_Lolo. The focus of this document is to help you understand all of the game play elements. You can consider this the manual that comes with Lolo. You may get to a point in a level and think it is unbeatable. It is not(I test these things)! There are a few things you might not discover without reading about them though. I will start with the most basic gameplay elements you will see in earlier episodes and also cover more advanced things you will see in the later ones. There should not be anything you encounter in the game that isn't touched on here. Whatever episode you are playing should be described on the Lolo wiki, eventually. If you are playing an expert episode, please remember these are meant to be very (ridiculously) hard. If you ask nicely I might just make a spoiler walk-through :) Otherwise you hardcore players can expect to have something to ponder for many hours.

Game Objects And Techniques

Heart Framers


The main goal of every level is to collect all the Heart Framers. Once you have done this, the Jewel box will open for you. This does not mean you should always collect a Heart Framer as soon as you can. Many times they will be the only thing between you and Medusa's Stone Stare. Also, remember that as soon as the last one is taken, some enemies will wake up. You will want to plan ahead for this and trap these enemies when it's possible; BEFORE you grab the last heart.

Shot Framers

These are exactly like regular Heart Framers in appearance. Hidden deep inside is a mysterious power that will grant Lolo 2 Magic Shots. Just what you'll need to complete your quest.

Jewel Boxes


This is the very last thing you will collect in each level. Once it is open just walk over it, assuming you can get to it. When you reach it, all the enemies and any Egg Framers will disappear entirely and the door will open. At this point all you need to do is get to the door to proceed to the next level. Lolo must acquire all these jewels to gain access to the final challenge.

Magic Shots


Lolo's most basic special ability, is to fire magic shots that will turn an enemy into an egg temporarily. There are exceptions to this rule, Medusa and Don Medusa cannot be "egged", they are immune to it. Also Leeper, who you will see in later episodes, can only be egged while he is awake. Once he touches Lolo and is asleep, he becomes an immobile object. Other than that, you can egg anything at any time; provided you have shots available. Indeed this is one of the most common techniques you will use to solve puzzles.

Double Shots


A Double Shot is an extension on the standard Magic Shot. All you must do is shoot an enemy who is already egged. This will send them flying out of the area, only to reappear a short time later. During the period that they are gone, you may be able to get past a tight spot they were blocking. This is also used to setup more advanced techniques.

Pushing Framers


Even though Lolo is the hero, he is not particularly strong. For instance he cannot push more than 1 object at a time. He can however muster up enough strength to reposition both Egg Framers and Emerald Framers(pushable blocks). This is another very common element in the puzzles. Often times you will come up against a Medusa who blocks your path, or a Don Medusa who patrols and area you need to get to. Since Lolo is not fast, he can't just charge through. What he can do is position Framers and use them for protection, essentially a movable barricade. Emerald Framers just sit there, and many times they will actually make your life harder! You might even start to think you are playing Sokoban World for a moment! Egg Framers are essentially the same thing as far as functionality. One advantage of Egg Framers is that you can create them, so long as you can Magic Shot an enemy into one. The key thing to remember is that an Egg Framer is only mobile for the time before it hatches. When it hatches whatever enemy you egged will go back to it's normal self, who doesn't like being pushed around!

Offset Framers


When you push a Framer around you'll notice that you can leave it wherever you want, even offset(odd number of steps from borders) from rocks,tree,etc. Sometimes you'll see a situation where it appears there are not enough Framers to block enemies from attacking Lolo. This is just the place we would want to make sure our Framer is offset. Any enemy movement or shot that has even a portion of a Framer in the way will fail. That is, you could block 2 enemies from shooting or moving at you with one Framer, so long as their is a piece of it in each one's path. You will need this technique to complete your quest.

Water Eggs


Sometimes Lolo will need to pass a body of water, but there is no bridge. At this point Lolo will need to create his own. All he needs is a Magic Shot, and an enemy to push into the water. Once Lolo eggs the enemy, he needs only push him in to create a temporary bridge. This will allow him to get across, but you must be fast. The egg will sink and the enemy returns to his normal position. Other times you will need to get to several remote areas that are surrounded with water. For this, Lolo must find the hidden water currents. These will allow an egg to move instead of sinking, and if Lolo climbs aboard he will be carried wherever the egg goes. Lolo can get off when he is next to land, to pick up a Heart Framer for example. But he most get back to the egg quickly if he needs to get somewhere else. If he doesn't, the egg will continue to float away, possibly leaving Lolo stranded! Although you cannot see where the water currents are, you can likely sense where they would have to be to make an area accessible. Sometimes you just need to try it and see.

Using Warp Holes


This is an advanced technique, and might not be intuitive at first. You may enter a situation where you have thought everything through and their is no possible way to proceed. Oh, but there is! If there appears an impossible passage, especially involving Don/Medusa, it is likely you need this technique. Warp holes are mysterious places, hidden in the map, where an enemy can reappear if they have no other place to go. First, you must egg an enemy. Now you will want to use the Double Shot technique to make the enemy disappear for a while. Normally when you do this, the enemy will come right back to it's original spot. However when you push a Framer over this spot, even partially, the enemy has no where to go. When this occurs, one of two things could happen. If there are no warp holes anywhere in the map, you will hear a sound and the enemy will cease to exist for the remainder of the round. If there is at least 1 warp hole, that is not blocked, the enemy will reappear there. This could potentially be in a position that allows you to pass. Since they are hidden, you may have to experiment to discover where they are. Many maps will have none.

Dangerous Bridges

In later episodes, you could encounter a rickety bridge that becomes damaged when Lolo goes over it. When you see one of these you should remember that it can only handle Lolo passing over it twice. After this it will crumble into the water and you will not be able to use it to access the area again. Sometimes you will need to get back and forth to this area more than once. When this is the case you should look for an alternative way to avoid over using the bridge. You should look for a body of water you can ride an egg through.

Using Powers

In some puzzles any combination of the standard techniques is not enough. When you start a level you may notice 1 or more icons under the PWR heading(Power Panel). These represent powers that Lolo can acquire in this round, given he has collected enough Heart Framers. When Lolo is about to achieve a power(1 more Heart Framer to collect) the power's icon will begin to flash. The powers are achieved from top to bottom and the amount of Heart Framers required varies for each power and from level to level. You can be pretty sure if there are powers in the panel, they are required to solve the puzzle. Lolo must be lined up on a whole grid space to use any of them. That is, Lolo can't use a power if he is an odd number of steps from any level border (don't worry, it will make sense). Let's describe each one:

Bridge Power


This will allow Lolo to create a bridge in any part of water. This bridge will stay there for the remainder of the round, and is just like a normal bridge in operation. The only difference is if Lolo places a bridge over lava. Unlike normal bridges, Lolo's bridge will quickly be consumed by the heat. This power is represented by a bridge icon in the Power Panel

Arrow Power


This power let's Lolo rotate a One Way Pass. The rotation will be 90 degrees in a clockwise manner. This just might let Lolo into an area he had no access to before. He must be exactly lined up with the Pass.

Hammer Power


When Lolo has a Hammer Power, he can walk up to a rock and smash it. It then becomes a normal brick floor and is no longer an obstacle.


Several types of terrain will challenge Lolo on his quest. Each one has different attributes you will need to take into consideration for a given puzzle.



This is the most common terrain. Lolo and enemies can move on this terrain unhindered and it will not block any shots.



Lolo can walk on the grass but enemies cannot. It will not stop an enemy from shooting Lolo however.



Desert blocks enemies but not their shots. When Lolo walks entirely into the Desert, his speed will be cut in half. This can be a dangerous situation when he's being shot at by Gol. You should try to walk on the edges to avoid slowing down. Though in that case he loses the advantage that an enemy can't walk into him.



Many levels have bodies of water that might be helpful or become an obstacle. Nobody including Lolo can walk over water without a bridge. Though Lolo can use an egg to move over it. Water will not block shots.



Trees will block all enemies and Lolo from moving. Trees will block Lolo's shots, but will not block any enemy shots! It can be easy to forget this and become a victim of a Medusa sneak attack!



These will block anything and everything. No one can move or shoot past a Rock normally. Only when Lolo acquires a hammer does this become possible.

One Way Pass


A One Way Pass will never block enemies or any shots. They will always block Lolo's movement if their direction is opposite to his. As example, Lolo can never walk (or push a Framer) into an up facing Pass when he is moving down.

Cast Of Characters



Lolo is the protagonist of the game. He's really not a fast or strong hero, but he makes up for it with craftiness.



Lala is the romantic interest at stake. Lolo must solve all the challenges until he can rescue her.



Even though Snakey is considered an enemy, he's not really that bad. He will keep a eye on Lolo, always turning back and forth to see him. He can't harm you, and can often be turned into a useful tool.



Like Snakey, Leeper is almost friendly. It appears he is actually excited when Lolo enters a level. The down side of this is that he often runs directly to meet Lolo, but immediately falls asleep when he gets there. Leeper can't hurt you, but depending upon where he falls asleep he could become an impassable obstacle. He can only be turned into an egg when he isn't asleep, otherwise he can't be moved.



When you first enter a level you might notice a Gol sleeping peacefully. But when you pick up the last heart Framer look out! Gol will wake up and he will not be very happy about it! Gol will shoot fireballs at Lolo whenever he has a straight line of sight to him. You can dodge these, provided you have enough distance between you and Gol. Sometimes you might need very good timing to escape.



Rocky rumbles slowly around the level, normally. Sometimes though, when he lines up with Lolo, he will get a burst of speed and push him around. When he is very close to Lolo he will stop completely, possibly trapping our hero. Stay out of tight situations when this guy is around.



Even though Alma is a girl, don't expect her to be a wimp! She will wander around wherever she can trying to find our hero. Whenever Alma is directly across from Lolo, she will tuck into a ball and roll towards him until she hits him or a barrier. Make sure you have some terrain to hide on when you have to get close, or use something to block her.



Skulls will sit patiently plotting, until Lolo picks up the last Heart Framer. Then they will all wake up at once and you might need to run! You might need to trap several skulls with Framers, before you wake them up.



Medusa can attack in a straight line in any direction. Once you get close her eyes will open and you'd best not get in the way. You'll need to block her line of sight before you get turned to stone.

Don Medusa


Don is the big boss of all the enemies. He uses the same attack Medusa does, except he will patrol an area scanning for Lolo. You can use the same techniques as on Medusa, but you have to remember he can move at the same speed Lolo does. He's one bad dude.