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[http://www.nicksen782.net/a_demos/Emscripten_Uzebox_Gamechanger/CURRENT/?gameid=123 Play In Browser]
[https://nicksen782.net/UAM/APP_emu/?gameid=123 Play In Browser]
* [http://uzebox.org/roms/hex/Dungeon_Slash.hex .HEX file]
* [http://uzebox.org/roms/hex/Dungeon_Slash.hex .HEX file]

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Dungeon Slash Demo
DeveloperDavid Etherton
Code licenseGNU GPL 3.0
Media licenseCreative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0
EngineKernel V4
Video Mode4
Latest release1.0
Release dateDecember 28th, 2008

This demo uses a new video mode (4) developed by David Etherton. It features a 288x240 resolution with 16x16 tiles, no sprites and full screen scrolling.


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