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[http://www.nicksen782.net/a_demos/Emscripten_Uzebox_Gamechanger/CURRENT/?gameid=259 Play In Browser]
[https://nicksen782.net/UAM/APP_emu/?gameid=259 Play In Browser]
* [[Media:Bomberman2-wip.hex|.HEX file]]
* [[Media:Bomberman2-wip.hex|.HEX file]]

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Bomberman II
Bomberman Game Play
DeveloperMatias Moreno
Code licenseGNU General Public License version 3
or (at your option) any later version.
Media licenseripped from NES ROM
EngineKernel from SVN r168
Video Mode3

Bomberman II is a re-make of the NES/Famicom Bomberman II. I tried to keep most of the graphics, and there is ROM for more, but have problem to go any further with the 4k of RAM.


  • 1 player gameplay
  • 1 level, no exit, no bonus (TBD)
  • orange balloon enemy (other enemies TBD)

To do

  • More levels
  • Exit and bonus
  • More enemies
  • Do at least Area 1-1 to Area 1-6, add remaining areas until filling ROM (because of graphics)
  • Consider using SD routines to load graphics (however this would require loading game from SD too)


Place bombs to break walls and to kill enemies. Don't let enemies touch you or you'll die.


  • Start: start game
  • Dpad: move up, down, left, right.
  • X: drop bomb


  • Once you die you must reset console to play again and there is no exit yet.
  • Tested only with emulator, if it works in real hardware please PM me and send pictures :)


Play In Browser


Send me a private message.