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Boriel's Basic Cross Compiler (former Boriel's ZXbasic-Compiler) is a flexible cross-compiler allowing to convert ansi-basic into assembly, and compile this assembly convert into a binary file (just like image roms or tapes used from emulators).

A project like this is really needed for Uzebox project because this tool is extremely efficient, and allows development in a much more faster and simpler way than coding in Assembly or C.

This project started having multiple hardware target flexibility (the first one were ZX-Spectrum), which means someone can understand how it works, can easily adapt it to compile to Atmega/Uzebox. It were developed in Python language, which means it can be easily debugged and adapted to target all kind of hardware, as well it can be run on all known operating systems (like Linux, OSX, Haiku-OS, ArOS, MS-Windows, etc.). And anyway, this cross compiler allows assembly code inside ansi-basic code, which can help on its efficiency and performance when targeting Uzebox specially.

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