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Atomix (formerly uatomix)
Atomix Game Play
DeveloperMartin Ĺ ustek
Code licenseGNU General Public License version 3
or (at your option) any later version.
Media licenseCC BY 3.0
Enginetrunk kernel rev. 200
Video Mode3

Logical puzzle, goal is to build molecule of atoms.


[edit] Features

  • 50 levels (by Andreas Wuest)
  • Status of each level (if is done) is saved in EEPROM.
  • Animated logo in menu
  • Counting moves, distance and time in level

[edit] Controls (menu)

  • UP, DOWN - select level
  • START - start selected level

[edit] Controls (in game)

  • UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGTH - move
  • A, B, X, Y - select / deselect atom
  • START - restart level
  • SELECT - back to menu (level selection)

[edit] Sources

Part of the master Uzebox repository: [1]

[edit] Roms

Play In Browser

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