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It is 2017 (at the original time of this posting.) Much has changed with Uzebox. We have new toys now such as Uzenet with SPI RAM. We have new SD libraries such as SdBase and of course, spiram. A new emulator (CUzeBox) that also is being developed to run on Android. Even more the entire Uzebox library can be played online now. Exciting times!

There are many ways to accomplish goals on Uzebox. I'll be describing my own methods. Perhaps they will help you. I'm not the only one here that has written tutorials. Be sure to check out Webber's Rants as well.

NOTE: Unless otherwise specified these tutorials will cover techniques related to mode 3.



Covers some basics. It might be a refresher or it may be something new to you. Take a look.

Reading from the SD Card

Petit FatFs


Bootloader v5+ File System Support

  • Uzebox_Tutorials_And_Such_2_-_bootloaderFS
    • Allows Using SDHC and FAT32 file systems (with fragmentation support.)
    • Important: Requires the new 5.0.10 (or later) bootloader.
      • If the bootloader isn't available on the Uzebox console then the library will revert to MMC and FAT16 support

Working with SPI RAM

... coming soon.