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These video modes have special purposes, not necessarily useful for common games. You may check them out if the more common modes don't seem to serve your demands, one of these could be what you need!

Mode 4

Alt text
Mode 4 Example - Dungeon Slash Demo

Developed by David Etherthon

  • 288x224 resolution, 16x16 pixels tiles
  • full screen scrolling
  • no sprites
  • 8x8 text area section
  • CPU cycles left: high
  • RAM consumption: low
  • Program memory consumption: medium

Mode 10

Mode 10 Example: MegaSokoban
Mode 10 Example: MegaSokoban
  • Based on Mode 5, but using 12x16 pixel tiles to save RAM
  • 192x192 resolution, 12x16 pixels tiles, 16x12 vram (with black border)
  • 8 bit vram array, each entry is a index to a tile table (maximum 256 unique tiles on screen)
  • no scrolling
  • no sprites
  • CPU cycles left: high
  • RAM consumption: very low (around 3KB free)
  • Program memory consumption: very low (depending on tile count - 192B per tile)

Mode 12

Alt text
Mode 12 Example: Uze8

"Chip 8" mode.

  • Bitmappep mode: 1bpp
  • Submode 0: 64x32
  • Submode 1: 128x64