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Game Play

The basic gameplay of MegaBomber is similar to other multiplayer-bomberman games. Each player controls one bomber, distinguished by color, with the goal of out living opposing players. Each bomber can plant bombs that will explode after about 4 seconds. The bomb will fill spaces with fire or even destroy certain types of blocks in it's way. If a player is hit by the fire, he dies. There are several powerups to collect and special map features depending on the map.

There are a couple different game options that can affect how the battle goes, all of which are set in the Battle Setup menu prior to the actual battle round. These are described below.


When the teams option is enabled, every player is on either team 1 or team 2. When every member of a team has been destroyed, the opposite team wins. Simple but fun.


This option sets the initial round timer to the preference of the player(s). Generally 3 minutes is a good limit.


This option set the amount of round wins required before someone can be declared the match winner. Somewhat useless option...


When a player dies, and ghost option is on, all is not necessarily lost-he can still participate in the carnage! When the ghost option is on, all dead players will be placed on the sidelines where they can still lob bombs into the playing area. If a ghost player manages to kill another player, he trades places with his victim-essentially earning bomber resurrection!...errr well it's a game of course...


When Blocks options is on and the timer falls below 1:00, blocks will begin to fall down making the game area continually smaller until the round reaches completion-whether victory or draw. This option greatly increases the frenzy!

Player Slots

The slots labeled 1P,2P,etc. are used to set the type for each player. That is each player can be MAN to be controlled by a human player, CPU to have the MegaBomber bot play for this player, or OFF to disable the player entirely.

Power Ups

There are several power ups that can either help or hinder your bomber on his quest for victory. These items are:


This increases the range of your bomb by 1.


This increases your maximum bombs by 1.


This increases your maximum speed by 1.


This enable your bomber to kick bombs, sending them sailing in the other direction even stunning other players!


Avoid this one!! Your player will flash indicating he is poisoned. A poisoned player will randomly switch between several ill effects including: slow speed, hyper speed, reversed controls, no bombs, auto bomb, and whatever else I decide to add later. Although you don't want the poison, you can share it with all other bombers you touch! A player will become un-poisoned when he collects another power up.