Corrida Nebososa 2

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Corrida Nebososa 2
Title Screen
Developer2010 Flavio Zavan (Nebososo) / 2022 Dominik Kristen (KILO)
Code licenseGNU General Public License version 3
or (at your option) any later version.
Media licenseCreative Commons Attribution Share-Alike version 3.0
EngineUzebox 3.0
Video Mode3
Latest release1.01
Release date8/2/2022

Corrida Nebososa is a racing game where you can race you friends or the computer. In the Championship mode you can race against the computer or a friend in up to 10 races.


After each race there will be a leaderboard with points. One point for each win. BUT: It's not just about who crosses the finish line first, but also for how long. you are already on target. Depending on whether you or your opponent cross the finish line first, the longer it takes for the second-placed to also cross the finish line, the more points the other gets. There are up to 3 extra points.

After the saison there will be also a leaderboard with all points and all wins for the drivers.

New Features

  • Choose between Single Race or Championship Season
  • New Trackdesign
  • Points system


  • Race the computer or your friends.
  • Create your own tracks and save up to two of them at the same time in just one EEPROM block.
  • Four original songs.


  • A: Accelerate, place tile
  • Y: Break, reverse, delete tile
  • R: Nitro
  • Left: Rotate counterclockwise (when tapped or held)
  • Right: Rotate clockwise (when tapped or held)
  • Start: Pause
  • Select: Reverse the track (while in the track selector)