New Tutorial: Getting Started with the Uzebox Video Game Console (part 2)

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Matt Pandina aka Artcfox, released part 2 of his tutorial on getting started on the Uzebox. This covers the installation of the custom Uzebox color palette file into GIMP, configuring a grid to match your tile size, and the use of gconvert to convert your graphical tileset into an include file. As part of this process, I’ll walk you through creating a simple (mode 3 non-scrolling) Uzebox demo. It also briefly covers using git to put your project files under source code control. For those who did not saw part 1, you can see it here.


New Game Alert: Block Boy!

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Lee Weber aka D3thAdd3r is back with another game! Block Boy is a puzzle game based around lifting, moving, and dropping boxes. The goal of each level is to reach the door way, which will be accomplished with intelligent moves and an understanding of the nuances involved in the gameplay. The game is inspired by “Block Dude” for the TI-83 series of graphing calculators. Check out the game’s wiki page for info and roms links.

New game alert: Laser Puzzle II!

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Artcfox is on fire and releases a new laser puzzle game aptly named…Laser Puzzle II! Gameplay is very similar to Laser Puzzle, but there are additional tokens, and some behave differently. As one might expect, this provides for much more challenging game play! There are 60 levels, which include beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert challenges. Forum post is here and roms and wiki page is here.

New Game Alert: LaserPuzzle!

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Artcfox releases his second game! Laser Puzzle is a laser-based puzzle game. It has 40 levels, and the object is to place pieces on the board in such a way that the laser beam is deflected into one or two targets from the proper direction. Pieces that aren’t fixed in place (indicated by a lock icon) may be dragged and dropped onto any blank square, or rotated to face any direction. In order to properly solve each puzzle, the laser beam must pass through all of the pieces that aren’t blockers. Forum post is here and wiki page and roms are here.

UCC2016 Results!

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The 2016 Uzebox Code Challenge has ended with the release of 5 great new games! Be sure to check out the forum post for all results and new roms to play on your console!

Uzebox DTV – Retro Gaming goodness in the palm of your hand!

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Simmone and Andrew are launching a Kickstarter for their new project: the Uzebox DTV (Direct to TV)! It takes a Uzebox and squeezes it into a SNES controller that plugs directly into your TV! All you need to supply are a microSD card and a 5V power supply (any modern phone charger should work). It comes all assembled and ready to go. Head over to Kickstarter to grab one!!

UCC2016: The Uzebox Coding Challenge is back!

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The Uzebox community is officially launching its 3rd game coding contest! We aim to stir interest in peoples to realize games and ideas sleeping idle in a corner of their brain. The contest will offer prizes in hardware and cold hard cash. Check out the following link for rules and all details.


New Game Alert: Smokey and the Bandit!

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SpacebarArcade released his first game for the Uzebox JAMMA! As you may recall the Uzebox JAMMA is a special version to be used in arcade machines. The game is kind of a cross between a top down racing game and an endless runner. It is vertically oriented and is actually playable in a real arcade!


Code here:
Details here: … 811&type=1
More details here: … 811&type=1
On the testbench:
In the cabinet:

New Game Alert: Tank Fu!

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Lawrence Brooks released his first Uzebox game! Tank Fu is a tank-on-tank multiplayer deathmatch game. Best played with two players but also supports a single player against CPU mode.  It supports 11 battle arenas, a boss fight and much more! The forum post is here, the wiki page and roms are here.

New Game Alert: Bugz!

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Matt Pandina (Artcfox) has releaed his first Uzebox game named Bugz!  Bugz is an all-original 2D platformer with 21 levels. The object is to collect all the cookies in each level without having your player killed by a plethora of bugs! The forum post is here, the wiki page and roms are here.