a tutorial to understand kernal ?

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a tutorial to understand kernal ?

Post by john101 » Mon Apr 07, 2014 8:47 am

There are some tutorial about making game for Uzebox.Maybe there should be some tutorials about to understand its kernal.
After I sold it, it works well now. But there is no simple tutorials to understand kernal. I mean some tutorial include a detailed guide to study it , one could also improve the skill of using micro-controller, AVR.
I am studying AVR now, yesterday I try to understand the kernal files structure. After learning some basic knowledge of makefile, I only get an outlines of that.
I also try to know how the VIDEO_CLK (14M) signal is generated, (the frequency is so high that interrupt service program can not be used, in AVR timer working in CTC mode could generate it through internal hardware).
I also want to understand how the other part works, I think this is a good tutorial:
http://lucidscience.com/pro-vga%20video ... tor-1.aspx which explain how the video signal is generated clearly for a beginner.
I tried to rewrite this little program to generate a static video, but it seems I have lots of thing to learn: knowing GNU assembler, how assembler and c program works together.
So I hope there is a series tutorial, introduce each unit of UZEbox,with some short example or reference. And first same development environment should be introduced for a beginner.

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Re: a tutorial to understand kernal ?

Post by uze6666 » Mon Apr 07, 2014 8:58 pm

Yes I know of LucidScience...great projets and tutorials. :) There's never been demand to understand the kernel's inner working. Probably too scary for most and definitely not for newbies. I could write a small book on it after all the work that has gone into it. Well, thinking of it, I did write something for a book that never got published (it's on the wiki):

http://uzebox.org/files/wiki/uzebox_how ... ks_v10.pdf

Give a a read, it does not contain everything but it's a good start.

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Re: a tutorial to understand kernal ?

Post by john101 » Thu Apr 10, 2014 3:27 am

Indeed I found http://lucidscience.com/pro-vga%20video ... tor-1.aspx
from your post discussing about RGB interface.I have already read the uzebox-how-it-works a week ago.
A typical tutorial I think should include every units of UzeBox,each unit only about one part of the technical UzeBox used, a short (not over 300 lines )program should also be given. if you are interested, I can translate it in Chinese and publish it in China, I mean such book would be popular if through it some newbie could learn lots of thing.
I write a book about micro controller for beginner 2 years ago, only simple program and technical.
Such book would be interesting, there are so many books talking about running lights, keyboard,....
One book titled " Learning making MP3 using AVR", (in Chinese) is very popular, toward project, can accelerate the learn process.The author also sell hardware part on his personal web.

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