Hi to the UzeBox community

What is a Uzebox? How can I get one? Check here!
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Hi to the UzeBox community

Post by Sgw32 » Tue Jan 14, 2020 1:19 am

Hi, my name is Fedor,

I am Russian electronics engineer and hobbyist. I decided to write to this forum to introduce myself to your community and to offer some things. :)
I am deeply impressed on UzeBox community and how it really works - just assembled a batch of them some days ago.
I can help with assembly anyone who is interested. Also, I've found some compatible electronics from Aliexpress which allows to seamlessly run UzeBox on modern monitors.

Here is my setup :D :


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MuW0s1repE

Here in Russia, I and my collegues develop and produce several electronics.
My main interest lays in the Commodore 64 scene, I've made many C64 devices and other electronic things.
We have a so-called brand PHOL-LABS :)
Our website with our product range: http://phol-labs.ru
We offer the development and production of retro, arcade, high-voltage and simple radio-frequency equipment.

As we've finished the assembling the testing succesfully we want to start selling assembled UzeBox F5 modules and kits.

We offer the UzeBox F5 console assembled for an affordable price of

53$ - without joystick
58$ - with joystick

Shipping from Moscow, Russia to Worldwide - 8.5$
We accept payments to the PayPal

So, if anyone is interested you can write below. :) We also accept bulk orders.

Best regards,

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Re: Hi to the UzeBox community

Post by Jubatian » Sun Jan 19, 2020 3:51 pm

Neat stuff, thanks for posting! Could indeed be an interesting opportunity for those who would like to pick it up assembled!

Any thoughts? Particularly in the bootloader? Not like there is much opportunity to do anything with it (there is only 4 bytes of ROM left I think), but let us know if you found anything regarding it, it might be possible to be fixed / patched (Last one was a problem regarding some files MacOS tends to put on SD cards, fortunately I could evade those using only 4 bytes of code).

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