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What retrocomputers/retroconsoles/diy hw do you own?

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:13 pm
by Matej
Are you Atari or Commodore fan?Nintendo or Sega?
I own:
Atari 130xe,1mb,stereo,sdrive
Atari 520STE,4mb,gotek

Re: What retrocomputers/retroconsoles/diy hw do you own?

Posted: Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:49 pm
by D3thAdd3r
Eh fun topic, I have blown a silly amount of time/money on my collection!

4 x Genesis(all models,1 m2 box), Sega CD (model 1 boxed), 32X(boxed), 3 x Saturn (model 1,2,Japan,netlinks, boxed with phone line simulators), 2 x Dreamcast, NES, SNES (box), N64, 2 x Virtual Boy(US and Japan, boxed), Gameboy pocket, DS, Wii(box), Switch(box), 2 x Xbox, Xbox 360, Atari 2600(4 switch), ST1040, Lynx (box), Intellivision(box), C64C(box), Apple IIc, Macintosh SE, NEC Turbo DUO(R? boxed), 3D0 Goldstar, Timex Sinclair 1000, ZX Spectrum 2+(box), Tiger (box), Vectrex(boxed), Videoton TV-Home Computer 64K(rare, thanks Jubatian), Enterprise 128(rare, thanks Jubatian) there is several more I can't remember now and had to stop collecting until I get a bigger place. Almost no games for certain systems, but tracked down flash multicarts for most of those.

RetroWiz, BitBox, 6+ Uzebox, EUzebox, Uzebox JAMMA,...if anything mostly an Uzebox guy. Just wanted to get the rarer classic machines in case I retire and have time to play with them all some day :lol: Thinking on Wonderswan lately, they seem pretty interesting.

Re: What retrocomputers/retroconsoles/diy hw do you own?

Posted: Thu Jan 04, 2018 12:46 am
by ry755
It's not really retro, but I have a small collection of old Macintoshes. I have (in order of oldest to newest):

Macintosh Performa 6300CD (Mostly rebuilt, just need to get a CD ROM drive)
Apple iBook G3 (Dual USB model, not the clamshell, my favorite old laptop)
iMac G5 (with the infamous GPU capacitor issue, it only works sometimes, always kernel panics even on a fresh install)
Mac Mini G4 (I bought this to replace the dying iMac G5)
Mac Pro 2006 (1,1 Dual 2.66 dual-core Xeon 5150 (total of 4 cores, I'll upgrade to 8 cores someday), 10 GB ram, GeForce 8800GT, firmware hacked to run El Capitain)
Macbook Pro 2007 (2,1 17" Core 2 Duo)
iMac 2010 (My main computer, 21.5" with second 20" display, Core i3, 4 GB ram, running latest macOS)

The cool thing is, most of these were hand-me-downs from family members.
And despite being a big Apple fanboi, I still hate iPhones. Android FTW! :D

In terms of consoles, the only things I have that could be considered somewhat retro are a Nintendo DS Lite and a Wii.

Re: What retrocomputers/retroconsoles/diy hw do you own?

Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2018 1:09 am
by Matej
When MACs are retro so I own:

Re: What retrocomputers/retroconsoles/diy hw do you own?

Posted: Mon Dec 24, 2018 8:17 pm
by CunningFellow
Did/Have owned the below, but sadly had to get rid of them all apart from the CPC which I kept because it was my first.

Atari 2600 woodgrain, Atari 2600 black, Amstrad CPC464, Amiga B2000, Amiga A600, Atari 1040STFM, Apple 11c, Apple Mac 512, Apple Mac SE, Apple Mac PPC 5200, IBM 5150, ZX Spectrum, Dick Smith VZ200, Dick Smith VZ300, 2x dick smith Cat (1 not working), Comodore 64 breadbox (x many), C64 slim, 4x C128D, Playstation 1 + 2.

Re: What retrocomputers/retroconsoles/diy hw do you own?

Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2019 5:56 pm
by Strela_17
I've got, in terms of computer, a Bull Micral 30, an IBM 5120, two C64s and an Apple II - althought these are mostly from my father's own collection that he shared with me after getting them from companies which planned to throw them away when they became obsolete (!).
In terms of consoles, I've got a NES, a Super NES, a Megadrive (Euro name for the Sega Genesis), a PS1, a Game Boy and a Game Boy Color.

But now it's a sensitive topic with the wife :lol: I made the mistake to show her this article as to show her that the old plastic I'm keeping in the house isn't worthless, but she did her research and, and yesterday, she came up with a link of her own, stating that if we were to sell all of that, we'd be able to buy a house in Greece for the holidays!

Re: What retrocomputers/retroconsoles/diy hw do you own?

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 3:18 am
by uze6666
Ha! As much as I love retro stuff, I looked for a lot of stuff over the years but never commited to anything (much to my chagrin :roll: ). Besides a NES, SNES, Genesis V1 , gameboy original, gameboy color, DS original and DS lite, still have my very first PC, a venerable Tandy 1000. For its time, the graphics and sound were really amazing and really affected the young artist in me. :)