SFXR Like Program

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SFXR Like Program

Post by kivan117 » Wed May 13, 2015 2:02 am

Looked very (emphasis very) briefly at the source to sfxr on github and saw it uses the same basic waveforms as the Uzebox (sine, square, sawtooth, and noise). Since patches take up much less room than PCM sound effects and multiple of them can be played on different channels simultaneously, I think having a tool that randomly generates effects the way sfxr does but outputs patches instead of wav files is something that would benefit the community greatly. Like a faster automated version of D3thAdd3r's patch tool. Play with some sliders, mash randomize, and voila! Not volunteering myself, must pitching ideas. Anybody else think this would be useful?

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Re: SFXR Like Program

Post by D3thAdd3r » Wed May 13, 2015 9:12 pm

I had a similar interest a while back after I made that (semi-broken) patch tool(which I would like to redo in the new 80 columns mode). That is pretty cool, I didn't look at the source code, but it seems promising.

Sound effects are an elusive thing on Uzebox, so I thought something like that could be coupled with a "survival test" using the non-inline mixer. Basically compare the wave form of the output of the random patch every 1/60th second to a PCM of the sound you are trying to get(in much smaller form)and save the cumulative error across the entire length. Then randomly create new patches, only keep ones that beat the old best one(simpler), or doing more of an "evolution" thing where multiple best ones above a threshold are kept and blended together. So to me this is interesting even without the additional stuff I mentioned and I think it would find use for people.

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