Keyboard Solution, UzePS2, or what have you

Topics regarding the Uzebox hardware/AVCore/BaseBoard (i.e: PCB, resistors, connectors, part list, schematics, hardware issues, etc.) should go here.
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Re: Keyboard Solution, UzePS2, or what have you

Post by uze6666 » Thu Apr 30, 2015 3:55 am

I'm not 100% sure it will work since I did not test that bootloader but it should. I'd really want to complete this before I forget the rest! But if anybody what's to try to make it work, feel free to do so since I won't probably have time for 1-2 weeks.
Update. It won't work. I somewhat missed that it uses a soft UART protocol. So I'll have to try and make one myself. :? Fortunately I have a bit of experience with the Uzebox bootloader so it will hopefully go well.

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Re: Keyboard Solution, UzePS2, or what have you

Post by kivan117 » Tue May 19, 2015 1:20 am

Just got my shiny new Uzebox Keyboard in the mail! Pretty sweet. Used the command line packrom utility to create a UZE file from the keyboard demo hex posted earlier. Initially my keyboard was acting REALLY weird. Half the buttons did nothing, and the other half did the wrong thing. Typing 6 entered 7 and H was backspace for instance. I tried unplugging player one, resetting, unplugging and replugging the keyboard, but nothing was working! I double checked that the UZE I made ran correctly in the emulator and reflashed it with the bootloader. Nothing was working and I was really getting anxious. I was just about certain that somehow my newest Uzebox addition had corrupted itself. Then I realized that the plastic on my player two port had slid ever so slightly out, and the keyboard wasn't seating completely up against the actual pins. I pushed the plastic guard on the port in a smidge, plugged the keyboard back in and suddenly it worked perfectly. Once it typed out "qwerty" as expected I was even more excited than when I unboxed it :lol:

TL;DR got my new keyboard, it's awesome, be sure it's plugged in all the way.

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