a question about DIY uzebox and some adding

Topics regarding the Uzebox hardware/AVCore/BaseBoard (i.e: PCB, resistors, connectors, part list, schematics, hardware issues, etc.) should go here.
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a question about DIY uzebox and some adding

Post by john101 » Sun Mar 02, 2014 5:04 am

Uzebox is an interesting project, I want to DIY one.
From some homemade UZEbox picture, I could not find how to sold AD725(which is SMD).
I just want to use board with holes (Peg board), so how to sold AD725 on it? I check some home made UZEbOX,
still have no idea.
Does AD725 is necessary? I found this.
It seems AD725 is not necessary.
(I searched on the net, to check if a VGA can be used, I do not want to buy a LCD, have spare computer monitor,
but :oops: UZEBOX does not support VGA by now!)
Can anyone explain why LCD screen can be used and without use of AD725?

I also want to do
(1) adding wireless support, I have find an pdf file
"BUILDING A DIY VIDEO TRANSMITTER", This micro video transmitter was designed by the DIY radio and micro TV artist Tetsuo Kogawa. His website (http://anarchy.translocal.jp/) is full of great info on DIY radio, and all credit for this circuit goes to him
after reading this tutorial,it is very easy to add wireless support to Uzebox.
(2)using some acceleration sensor tired on user's arm, and a simple micro controller( analysis the signal from the sensor using some algorithms to detect user gestures , then send it to another micro controller through wireless, the 2nd micro controller imitate a SNES interface and send the result to ATMEGA644.
The theory is a little harder .
Do you think it is useful and any suggestion?

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Re: a question about DIY uzebox and some adding

Post by uze6666 » Mon Mar 03, 2014 1:02 am

The ad725 is not required if your screen supports plain rgb+Ntsc sync like Duchtronix Uzebox . To solder the chip you will need at very least a soic-16 to dip adapter board. These can be found on the net and at Adafruit.com.

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