Uzebox enters the matrix!

Topics regarding the Uzebox hardware/AVCore/BaseBoard (i.e: PCB, resistors, connectors, part list, schematics, hardware issues, etc.) should go here.
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Re: Uzebox enters the matrix!

Post by uze6666 » Tue Dec 11, 2012 5:32 am

D3thAdd3r wrote:Got the chip today, the size of a quarter/euro, neat! I want to start experimenting but I am afraid I will blow it up with 5volts :?
Pretty small isn't eh? Btw, I did not order an individual module, just curious, can you post pics of the standalone module and where did you get it from? For the demo I showed, I worked with the evaluation board (ridiculously priced at 200$!) to play it safe. So, from the docs, I'd say be sure you don't exceed 3.6v on power and logic signals.

Btw, I think a dongle thing could even *look* cool after all. Just saw a new kind of wireless controller on Aliexpress today: ... 15410.html. The module and the required circuitry should fit easily in that form factor. Eh, for an additional motivation factor, I'm even wondering if that couldn't make a wi-fi dongle for the SNES scene (if they don't have one of course)! The enclosure would be the issue as usual...but if quality improves just a bit more and to get that covered, I'm really getting a 3D printer in 2013! :mrgreen:

ps: no worry for the Jamma, we'll get it Uzebox child left behind!

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Re: Uzebox enters the matrix!

Post by D3thAdd3r » Tue Dec 11, 2012 11:02 pm

The foot print is slightly smaller than an SD card, and slightly taller. I put it in an SNES pad and closed it back up, about a centimeter of space between the two boards just as one possibility.
uze6666 wrote:wi-fi dongle for the SNES scene
SNES home brew should be able to use this as easily as Uzebox, when it's done ;)

3d printer, am jealous :geek:
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Re: Uzebox enters the matrix!

Post by forsakenrider » Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:42 pm


Instead of using the socket which requires a fairly specific cable, why not use right angle pins similar to whats used for the UART. That way one could simply solder wires for a permanent solution instead of installing the pins. I think playing game over the web could be really fun.

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