Klystrack - Chiptune tracker

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Klystrack - Chiptune tracker

Post by uze6666 » Wed Sep 10, 2014 3:14 am

Still looking for an easy way to add something like MOD support to the Uzebox (for tempest 2000). Then I fell on Klystrack, a nice chiptune tracker with a nice twist, the patterns are per channel and can be of variable lenght. So that's pretty much what I was trying to do. It also supports basic waveforms and arbitrary waves files. And also something called instruments "programs" which is pretty much like patch commands! And it's open source and the code is in plain C. So I'll dig in the sources this week with the goal to eventually make a converter and a simple tracker engine for it.

If that's too hard, I also thought of simply scanning a regular MOD file for repeating patterns within tracks and build a table out of them. That will save a heck of a lot of space over the full size module or equivalent MIDI stream.

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Re: Klystrack - Chiptune tracker

Post by D3thAdd3r » Fri Sep 12, 2014 12:52 am

Looks pretty nice and having a MOD engine would be fantastic. Hopefully not too hard to convert music, but I'm sure someone would find a way. If it's practical to directly convert .mod files into tables of patterns ready to use it might be even better/less work. I will play with that some to have some kind of MOD knowledge.

Along those same lines but slightly off topic, I wonder if it would be possible to automatically scan a .MID file and build a table of patterns..and what size differences would exist then, with MOD vs. MID

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