Olinuxino iMX233 - 24Euro

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Olinuxino iMX233 - 24Euro

Post by Matej » Sun Nov 10, 2013 1:41 am

Take a look at this:
https://www.olimex.com/Products/OLinuXi ... e-hardware

iMX233 ARM926J processor at 454Mhz
SD-card connector for booting the Linux image
TV PAL/NTSC video output
1 USB High Speed Host
Three buttons
2x30 pin GPIO for connection of other hardware
PCB dimensions: 3.00'' x 1.70'' (76.2mm x 43.2mm)
Nominal dimensions: 3.40'' x 1.70'' (86.4mm x 43.2mm)


I know that there are better ARM boards like RaspberryPI or better Olinuxino boards...
But this is minimalistic. very fast 454Mhz, 64MB RAM, 100% opensource (GITHUB). Gots TVout both PAL and NTSC, audio in/out {pins}, USB, SDcard... Long term support until 2019.

Lets make audio in/out and 2xcannon"9 {standard atari/commodore joystick or arcadejoy+pushbuttons interface} shield for it...
And make some games on this for linux distro.

I will make acrylic case for it! And opensource manufacturing CAD files {lasercutter}.

PS> Maybe we can port there UZEbox emulator so it will runs old UZE games. There is already SNES emulator on it.

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