AVR ChipBasic 644

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AVR ChipBasic 644

Post by Kilo » Thu Jan 03, 2019 8:14 am

Hey guys,
I would like to show you an old project of a Basic computer based on a ATmega644. It was developed by Jörg Wolfram in 2006.
I built this computer many times and still have fun with it!

On the pictures you can see my last PCB and the GUI which was made by me and should look like the old Windows 2 :D




• 30x23 characters with a maximum of 16 foreground and background colors and dummy graphics in standard mode
• PAL / NTSC and sync signals adjustable via jumper
• 8 video modes, 4 full graphics, 2 custom characters, and a user mode
• PS2 keyboard for input, loadable keyboard layout
• 1-channel audio output (notes in 2 tones, noise) with envelope and volume adjustment
• I2C connector for optional data EEPROM, up to 8 LM75 temperature sensors or other I2C devices
• Serial RS232 interface with 1200/2400 baud and charge pump
• Second serial interface of the ATMega644P usable
• Parallel printer interface, also usable as I / O and analogue inputs
• Memory expansions can be connected to the parallel port

• Tiny-Basic programming language with extensions
• Own error handling with ONERR, periodic subroutine call with ONSYNC ...
• 95 program lines with a maximum of 32 usable characters, fullscreen editor, 8 programs in the internal flash
• Sprites in text mode, number is only limited by array
• Fast bitmap transfer in graphics mode
• Simple, sequential sequencer
• Up / download programs via the serial interface
• Listing printing via the printer interface
• Keyboard shortcuts for abort, restart, screenshot
• Monitor with variable and stack and array display, single-step operation
• Universal I2C control
• GOSUB with parameter transfer, RETURN with return value
• Cross-program call of subroutines possible
• Additional BASIC commands can be integrated

• Own file system on ATMEL Dataflash
• Loader program for remote control via the serial interface
• X-modem file transfer for binary programs
• Automatic start of the program after switching on (deactivatable by pressing a key), program selectable
• Extensive API for developing binary programs and libraries
• Additional video drivers can be integrated

Link to the project (German):
http://www.jcwolfram.de/projekte/avr/ch ... 2/main.php
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Re: AVR ChipBasic 644

Post by uze6666 » Fri Nov 01, 2019 2:08 am

Wow, this is very good for the time, how come I never saw it!? :o

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